Mamavation Monday: Week 1

So, after read­ing Heather’s Mama­va­tion posts for a year, I’m jump­ing in.  I hope I’m doing this right!

Last year some­where in the mid­dle of Jan­u­ary, I decid­ed to get seri­ous about my health.  I want­ed to eat bet­ter, exer­cise more, and feel bet­ter over­all.  I made a few changes and got myself a jour­nal and every­thing.  I was at the right place and ready to feel bet­ter.  Then, about 4 days lat­er, I start­ed to feel yucky.  Real­ly yucky.  All day long.  At first, I thought I was get­ting sick.  Then, after feel­ing so yucky with no oth­er symp­toms for about a week and a half, I took a preg­nan­cy test.  I was preg­nant!

The “morn­ing” sick­ness start­ed at about 3 weeks preg­nant and stayed with me well into my 24th week of preg­nan­cy.  Dur­ing that time, I ate what sound­ed good when it sound­ed good.  I did­n’t cook much.  I did alright with exer­cise, but most of the plans I’d had for myself last Jan­u­ary flew out the win­dow.

I had my beau­ti­ful baby boy in Octo­ber.  That was about two weeks after mov­ing into a new house.  I also have three and five year old boys.  To this point, I feel like I’ve done a pret­ty good job mod­el­ing healthy eat­ing behav­iors for them and giv­ing them healthy view­points of eat­ing, exer­cise, and tak­ing care of their bod­ies.  But, right now I have to be hon­est and say that I wor­ry about the exam­ple I set for them in being over­weight.

Right now, I’m not so con­cerned about what the scale says.  I’m nurs­ing right now.  Also, in the past, I’ve found that if I’m mak­ing healthy choic­es and exer­cis­ing my body gen­er­al­ly responds by let­ting go of extra weight.  It’s not easy for me, but I would­n’t describe my body as “hang­ing on to the weight” or any­thing like that.  I do have a 2 month old though, and I would love to do all that I can to min­i­mize our chances of being sick dur­ing cold and flu sea­son.  Increas­ing fruit and veg­gie intake, decreas­ing sug­ar intake, and exer­cis­ing are three keys to that goal for me.

His­tor­i­cal­ly, I am able to iden­ti­fy some fair­ly con­sis­tent areas of strength and weak­ness when it comes to mak­ing healthy liv­ing choic­es and los­ing weight.


  • Fruits and veg­gies-  I like them.  Lots of them.  I don’t have a hard time find­ing either fruits or veg­gies or recipes for them.
  • Water-  I like water, and I drink quite a bit of it.


  • Sweet tooth-  I have a major sweet tooth!  I am one of those peo­ple who could eat like Will Far­rel­l’s char­ac­ter on Elf.
  • Mod­er­a­tion-  I’m not great at mod­er­a­tion.  I’m great at avoid­ing some­thing com­plete­ly, but then when I go back to eat­ing or drink­ing it “in mod­er­a­tion,” mod­er­a­tion gen­er­al­ly means more than what I should be hav­ing.

My goals for this year:

Lose 20 pounds at which point I will reassess and deter­mine a rea­son­able goal weight.

Run a 5K.  I would love to do this in May, but in the past I’ve had a hard time build­ing sta­mi­na past the 2 mile mark.  My goal is to do this in 2011, but if I can do it by May that would be even bet­ter.

Sched­ule myself time to exer­cise 5–6 times a week.