I Have an Idea

from green­hem via Flickr


If you’ve talked to me in per­son in the last year or so, it’s no sur­prise that help­ing peo­ple, sup­port­ing char­i­ties, and engag­ing in social jus­tice are con­cepts that I val­ue.  So, when I was going through a pile of stuff that I have been accu­mu­lat­ing for at least a year and I found a brochure for the Hunger Free North Dako­ta Gar­den Project my mind start­ed run­ning.

Maybe I could donate some food from our gar­den.

Maybe I could plant some food specif­i­cal­ly for dona­tion.

Maybe I could get some friends to donate with me.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Maybe I could get some friends to com­mit to tak­ing care of a com­mu­ni­ty gar­den plot (20 feet x 40 feet) and donat­ing all of the veg­eta­bles we get to the Hunger Free Project.

That sounds AMAZING to me!  If I could com­bine two of my inter­ests and be able to pro­vide for peo­ple who might not have enough oth­er­wise, I would be so hap­py.  What could be bet­ter?

So, now I’m in the mak­ing con­tact and doing research phase of my idea.  I’ve con­tact­ed the Ag Depart­ment to get any updat­ed infor­ma­tion they might have on the project.  I’ve con­tact­ed a local gar­den cen­ter that has com­mu­ni­ty gar­den plots.  The next step would be to put this out there to friends and acquain­tances to see if any­one would be inter­est­ed in help­ing me.

I loved my gar­den last sum­mer, and at times I wished I could have had a big­ger space.  The thing that wor­ries me is time.  New gar­dens need a lot of care.  Our gar­den last year need­ed hours of weed­ing every day for 3–4 weeks.  Hours.  Every day.  I’m not sure that’s fair to my fam­i­ly.  That’s why I think I’ll need help.

And there’s the mon­ey.  The gar­dens cost either $125 or $150 to rent.  I can’t remem­ber which.  Of that mon­ey, either $25 or $50 goes toward a cred­it you can use for seeds or plants at the gar­den cen­ter.  That’s still $75 or $100.  That’s a lot for me to put up at once.

This is where my plan hits a stand­still.

In my head, there’s some­thing about a spread­sheet assign­ing dif­fer­ent jobs or break­ing up the respon­si­bil­i­ty by assign­ing peo­ple respon­si­bil­i­ty for a few days at a time.  I can see a big sheet of graph paper with the gar­den all planned out.  I can see work days where we go and do a mass weed­ing or har­vest­ing.  I’m just not clear on what comes in between these things.

So, as I said in the title of this post.  I have an idea.  I’m off to obsess about it for a few days and see if I can move it for­ward to the next step.