Counting the Days

We have a few things com­ing up that the boys are look­ing for­ward to.  We have a fam­i­ly trip, Thanks­giv­ing, vis­its from grand­par­ents, and Christ­mas among oth­er things.  Every day, Asa asks me, “How many days untilx, y, or z?”  As time pass­es, and as I answer his ques­tions every day, I real­ize how fast time is pass­ing.

It seems like we were just at the park play­ing in the 80 degree sun­shine.  All sum­mer, I spent time look­ing for­ward to two cousins’ wed­dings.  Those things came, were great, and passed.  Now, it’s near­ly Thanks­giv­ing and near­ly Christ­mas.  Heck, it’s near­ly 2012!

On a flight I took this fall, I talked with a woman who was sit­ting next to me.  She told me that in her fam­i­ly, her rel­a­tives often live into their 90’s.  She told me she had always assumed that at some point when peo­ple got old­er, their days slowed down and their time moved slow­er and slow­er.  She was sur­prised to find out from her 80 and 90 year old rel­a­tives that they felt it was just the oppo­site.  Their lives moved faster and faster, and sud­den­ly they were 90.

Luck­i­ly, I won’t wake up and be 90 soon, but some­how it seems like some­one has pushed the fast for­ward but­ton on my life.  So, Hap­py Thanks­giv­ing, Hap­py Hol­i­days, Mer­ry Christ­mas, and Hap­py New Year!  The rest of this year may fly by, so I don’t want to miss my oppor­tu­ni­ty to say all those things.  🙂

This is Hard!

Post­ing every day is hard!  When I com­mit­ted to doing NaBloPo­Mo, I fig­ured it would­n’t be too bad.  I fig­ured I would write a lit­tle blurb each day, and voila, I’d know where my blog was going to go.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, that’s not hap­pen­ing for me yet.

I know that I could post about my kids and my fam­i­ly every day.  The dif­fi­cul­ty with that is that as Kael and Asa get old­er, I feel more pro­tec­tive of their pri­va­cy.  Sto­ries that were cute lit­tle sto­ries when they were younger now have the pow­er to embar­rass them.  I don’t want that.

My pre­vi­ous blog was a (most­ly) breast­feed­ing blog.  It was nice to know I had a gen­er­al top­ic around which I could orga­nize my ideas and posts.  Also, if I was feel­ing a lit­tle low on ideas or per­son­al con­nec­tions, I could always con­nect my post to a cur­rent event or news sto­ry relat­ed to breast­feed­ing.  I don’t feel like I have that right now.

I have some themes run­ning through my life right now.  Maybe if I can get my thoughts orga­nized enough I can have a reg­u­lar post or two about those things.  Until then, expect a stream of con­scious­ness and pic­tures of the boys.  🙂

My Husband is Awesome

Jason and the boys (Poor Baby J has an eye infec­tion in this pic­ture!)


He is.  He’s a great hus­band.  He’s a won­der­ful dad.  He’s patient.  He’s a hard work­er.  Man, do I love that guy.

Last night, we were talk­ing about some­thing, and Jason said, “If you had to choose, would you do it again?  Get mar­ried so young, I mean.”  We were 22 and 23 when we got mar­ried.  At the time, I remem­ber think­ing that was­n’t that young at all.  Now, look­ing back…  🙂

I thought about our mar­riage and the past 9 1/2 years togeth­er.  I thought about our trips togeth­er, our moves, our kids.  I real­ly could­n’t think of any rea­son I would do things any dif­fer­ent­ly.

Some things that make him are awe­some are:

  • his cof­fee mak­ing abil­i­ty
  • the way he loves our chil­dren
  • the way he takes care of me
  • how he lets me sleep in on the week­ends even though he’s tired, too
  • how he cleans up the kitchen
  • how he works so hard at his job
  • and a mil­lion more things
Love you, Hon­ey!

Thanksgiving Planning

Jason and I sat down today to start think­ing about what we want to make for our Thanks­giv­ing din­ner.  I’ve been telling my dad for a cou­ple weeks that we are hav­ing a tofurky (tofu turkey) as our main dish.  I’m not sure he believes me which is fine, I sup­pose.  We’re not hav­ing a tofurky.

I fig­ured it is get­ting close to the time when we actu­al­ly have to start decid­ing what we are going to have though.  So far, I think we have enough food for at least 15 peo­ple.  There will be 4 adults and 3 kids at our meal.  🙂  When we were mak­ing our list of foods to have for our meal, Kael made it very clear that he would real­ly like some corn.  It turns out he want­ed corn on the cob which is tough to come by this time of year, but he says frozen corn will be alright.  Jason wants the tra­di­tion­al parts of the meal.  He is in charge of the turkey and gravy.  For some rea­son, I’m fix­at­ed on hav­ing sweet pota­toes, but I do not want the ones that have marsh­mal­lows on the top.  We’ll also be hav­ing cran­ber­ry sauce and cran­ber­ry lemon­ade.  Now, we just need to fig­ure out how to make sure every­thing gets cooked at the right tem­per­a­ture for the right time and is ready all at once.


All I Need Is More Time

The oth­er day I wrote about want­i­ng to read more.  Then, yes­ter­day I was think­ing about what I do on Pin­ter­est (beyond win­dow shop­ping for clothes and nail pol­ish­es for hours).  I real­ized that Pin­ter­est would prob­a­bly be a great resource for knit­ting projects and pat­terns.  So, I looked through some of the pat­terns for knit­ting and cro­chet­ing.  After I looked for a while, I had a nice list of all the projects I want­ed to start.  I real­ized that I had every­thing I need­ed.  I have the nee­dles, the yarn, the pat­terns.  All I need is more time.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, at this point, that may not be in the cards for a few more years.  Oh, but it’s fun to look.


I knit­ted this scarf for my sis­ter-in-law for Christ­mas two years ago.