About Me

Thanks for vis­it­ing my blog! Here is a lit­tle bit about me.

My name is Casey. I am a life­long North Dako­ta res­i­dent. I am mar­ried to my hus­band of almost 8 years, Jason, and I have two boys, Kael and Asa, with a third boy on the way in Octo­ber. I am a stay at home mom who is con­sid­er­ing a future as a home­school­ing mom. I am cur­rent­ly a preg­nant and back­slid­ing veg­e­tar­i­an.

Some things I enjoy are:

  • Cin­na­mon
  • Peach­es
  • Home­made gra­nola
  • Books
  • Read­ing
  • Free­cell (the card game)
  • Try­ing new recipes
  • Giv­ing stuff away
  • Music- lis­ten­ing to it and play­ing it on the piano

Some things I am pas­sion­ate about are:

  • Giv­ing moth­ers access to infor­ma­tion and sup­port to help them breast­feed
  • Lov­ing peo­ple as they are
  • Gen­tle par­ent­ing
  • Informed birth choic­es

Some things I am inter­est­ed in and hope to become more knowl­edge­able about are:

  • Quilt­ing
  • Home­school­ing
  • Green and sus­tain­able liv­ing
  • Pho­tog­ra­phy
  • Gar­den­ing
  • Fig­ur­ing out where my food comes from
  • Writ­ing and doing it well

You can send me an email at Love­WhatIs­Blog at GMail dot com.