You Know You Need to Write a Blog Post When…

  • You think to your­self, “Wow.  I’m real­ly hap­py. ”  Not just today.  Not just right now, but with my life.
  • You find your­self diag­nosed with an auto-immune dis­ease (celi­ac dis­ease) and so many things begin to make sense.
  • You think to your­self “I’m awe­some” after you walk/run a 5k.
  • In the same day that you don’t get more than 5 min­utes in a row to work on any one thing, you also know that you can’t wait to go back to school to get anoth­er degree.
  • You may have final­ized the design for your very first tat­too.
  • You are read­ing an amaz­ing book and want to tell every­one you see about it.
  • You have lost 20 pounds and feel bet­ter than you can remem­ber feel­ing in over a decade (see pre­vi­ous point about things mak­ing sense after a diag­no­sis).


I have real­ized that the emp­ty box of the Add New Post page feels very over­whelm­ing to me.  It also feels like a long term com­mit­ment I may not be ready to make.  I used to blog reg­u­lar­ly.  I also got into the Twitter/BlogHer/social net­work­ing world of blog­ging.  I felt more and more pres­sure to have page views and to blog reg­u­lar­ly.  When I men­tioned to some “big” blog­gers that I did­n’t feel like I had any­thing to say all that reg­u­lar­ly, the advice I got was to write one or two posts a week and do memes two or three times a week.  That’s prob­a­bly great advice.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, for me, it did­n’t res­onate, and instead of blog­ging less, I stopped alto­geth­er.

I’m not sure what hap­pened.  I don’t know if it was the celi­ac or if it was some­thing else.  What­ev­er it was, *some­thing* hap­pened this spring.  I feel like so many things in my life are com­ing togeth­er.  I final­ly have the moti­va­tion to go with my efforts to get back into shape.  I am eat­ing very well and feel­ing no depri­va­tion.  I feel more patient with my chil­dren.  I have a time­line for going back to school and work­ing toward a degree.  I have won­der­ful friends.  With three friends mov­ing away this sum­mer, I was feel­ing a bit melan­choly about hav­ing lived here for almost 15 years, but late­ly the awe­some­ness of my friends has over­whelmed me.  You know you have good friends when some­one can tell you that the new bra you bought makes “the girls” look real­ly nice.  😉

The final straw that got me back to this emp­ty box and helped me get words into it was real­iz­ing that two of my very favorite blogs are updat­ed irreg­u­lar­ly.  They aren’t every day blog­gers.  There might be three posts one week and then not anoth­er one for three weeks.  Regard­less, when the posts do come, I am real­ly hap­py and excit­ed to read them.

So, with that, I begin again to share my attempts to live a life of inten­tion while being con­tent with what I have right now.

P.S. Now I want to go back and link to ALL my favorite blogs.  Maybe I’ll do that down the line.


  1. Fun­ny — I have been feel­ing the urge to blog again, too, and feel­ing like my cor­ner of the world is get­ting sun­nier and more awe­some. I both look for­ward to read­ing more, and ful­ly sup­port irreg­u­lar blog­ging! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear things are start­ing to line up for you, too! What is your blog address?

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