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I’ve Got To Stop Doing This

It’s hard to pick back up after a year.  I know that blog­gers aren’t sup­posed to blog about why they weren’t blog­ging.


So, instead, I’ll post a cute pic­ture or two of the reason(s) I haven’t blogged.

100 Days of Kinder­garten and First Grade



He Gets Things Done



Baby4 — Kellen



I’m work­ing my way back into real posts.  Next time it’ll be more than just cute pic­tures, I hope!

It’s Been A Year

Actu­al­ly, if we’re being tru­ly accu­rate, it’s been a year and eleven days since my last post.  I’m think­ing about get­ting this blog going again.  There have been a few things going on in our lives which have kept me from blog­ging (Baby #4).  There have also been a few things which have tempt­ed me to start blog­ging again.  🙂

My imme­di­ate plan for blog­ging is to log some recipes I have in web­page form to make it eas­i­er for meal plan­ning.  I use a google spread­sheet for our meal plans.  I’d like to be able to have a link to the recipes in order to have it more eas­i­ly avail­able when we are cook­ing sup­per.  Hope­ful­ly… (ha!) that will lead to more blog­ging beyond just keep­ing recipes in order.  We shall see.