A Word for the Year

Right now, on many blogs, there is a lot of talk about New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions, goals, and some­thing I only heard about for the first time last year, choos­ing a word for the year.  The idea of choos­ing one word to frame my inten­tions for this year intrigues me.  I’ve been work­ing on writ­ing some goals for this year.  So far, they are more like non-goals or state­ments of inten­tion than actu­al goals. Right now, I think I’m okay with that.  This is my life.  These are my goals, and this is my jour­ney.  I can do it how I want.

So, yes­ter­day and today as I’ve been try­ing to decide how I feel about not hav­ing goals in the tra­di­tion­al way of defin­ing them, a word stuck in my head.  I had­n’t real­ly planned to choose a word of the year.  I real­ly intend­ed to craft my state­ments of inten­tion and non-goals into goals.  Then, yes­ter­day, while I was clean­ing up in the kitchen, a word came to me and has been float­ing around my head since.

I think I am ready to step up and claim my word for 2012.  It is focus.  For so many rea­sons, this word res­onates with me and appeals to me.  I’m hope­ful that in anoth­er blog post I’ll be able to get all that out and explain why I am so excit­ed about this word.

Found on Flickr Pho­to by Michael Dale

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