Trying to Get This Thing Going Again

Since I haven’t blogged at all in over 3 months, and I haven’t blogged reg­u­lar­ly in so much longer than that, I was think­ing about the best way to jump back on the wag­on.  I thought about start­ing small with a meme and a post each week.  I thought about start­ing a project and giv­ing reg­u­lar updates, but then I had the best idea of all…



Right?  What’s bet­ter than that?  Since I haven’t writ­ten a blog post in over 90 days, writ­ing one a day for 30 days is obvi­ous­ly the best choice.

So, here goes noth­ing.  🙂  I have start­ed NaBloPo­Mo twice in the past.  Once I suc­ceed­ed and post­ed every day for Novem­ber, and once I failed mis­er­ably and stopped post­ing by at least Novem­ber 10.  Here’s hop­ing Novem­ber 2011 is the month of blog­ging inspi­ra­tion for me.


Also, here’s a pic­ture of some won­der­ful­ly cute chil­dren hold­ing humon­gous rain­bow car­rots from our gar­den.  🙂


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