Thanksgiving Planning

Jason and I sat down today to start think­ing about what we want to make for our Thanks­giv­ing din­ner.  I’ve been telling my dad for a cou­ple weeks that we are hav­ing a tofurky (tofu turkey) as our main dish.  I’m not sure he believes me which is fine, I sup­pose.  We’re not hav­ing a tofurky.

I fig­ured it is get­ting close to the time when we actu­al­ly have to start decid­ing what we are going to have though.  So far, I think we have enough food for at least 15 peo­ple.  There will be 4 adults and 3 kids at our meal.  🙂  When we were mak­ing our list of foods to have for our meal, Kael made it very clear that he would real­ly like some corn.  It turns out he want­ed corn on the cob which is tough to come by this time of year, but he says frozen corn will be alright.  Jason wants the tra­di­tion­al parts of the meal.  He is in charge of the turkey and gravy.  For some rea­son, I’m fix­at­ed on hav­ing sweet pota­toes, but I do not want the ones that have marsh­mal­lows on the top.  We’ll also be hav­ing cran­ber­ry sauce and cran­ber­ry lemon­ade.  Now, we just need to fig­ure out how to make sure every­thing gets cooked at the right tem­per­a­ture for the right time and is ready all at once.



  1. Mmm­mm sweet pota­toes! This year I’m mak­ing a big pan the way my one-year-old likes them: chun­ked, roast­ed in a lit­tle olive oil and salt. So sim­ple, so deli­cious.

  2. That’s how we usu­al­ly have them. For some rea­son, I’m always drawn to try new recipes at hol­i­days and with com­pa­ny. 🙂

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