Round Three

Or maybe four or five.  I’ve lost count.

I’m count­ing rounds of ill­ness in our house.  Kael came home from school on Sep­tem­ber 15th with a cough and a fever.  Since then, every­one except Jason has been sick for most of that time.  We’ve had stretch­es of 2–3 days here and there where every­one seems most­ly bet­ter.  It’s start­ing to make me a lit­tle bit crazy.

We have thrown away all the tooth­brush­es and tooth­pastes in our house and start­ed new.  Every­one has their own cup in which they store their tooth­brush with the tooth­paste next to it.  I also washed all the blan­kets in our fam­i­ly room.  One night Jason sprayed down our toys with Lysol (yuck!).  I think we’ve done a few oth­er things, too.

Every­one in our fam­i­ly takes vit­a­min d.  I bought some echi­nacea the oth­er day.  It’s in a drop­per though, and it tastes TERRIBLE so I’m not sure I’ll be very suc­cess­ful in con­vinc­ing any­one to take it.

This week, I felt like I was fight­ing off a cold, and I thought I had suc­ceed­ed until this morn­ing.  I woke up with a sinus headache, a run­ny nose, and was sneez­ing.

Sigh.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Any sug­ges­tions on oth­er ways to germ proof our house?  I know it’s pret­ty hard to stop a bug once it’s in the house, but this is get­ting ridicu­lous.


  1. I have echi­nacea in chew­able tablet form. It tastes like slight­ly sweet noth­ing. When we were all down with the “nev­er-end­ing cold” I was des­per­ate and bought 100 tablets. With­in a few days of start­ing it, we were all bet­ter! Anoth­er thing you can do is get some pro­bi­otics. They will help build up the immune sys­tem. I bought the adult cap­sules and add 1/2 a cap­sule to my lit­tle one’s apple­sauce. (It was cheap­er and we got more than get­ting the adult AND chil­dren’s ver­sion.)

    Oh, and you can boil the tooth brush­es to get rid of the germs. We did that once every­one start­ed feel­ing bet­ter, and again when were were all well.

    I sure hope that all of this ill­ness builds all of your immune sys­tems up so you won’t have to deal with ill­ness for the rest of cold & flu sea­son!

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