Mamavation Monday: Week 7

Well, after feel­ing more than a lit­tle frus­trat­ed last week, I am feel­ing bet­ter as I write this post.  I can’t put my fin­ger on why I’m feel­ing bet­ter.  I think it might be a com­bi­na­tion of sev­er­al things.  A sup­port­ive friend, some advice from some­one I did­n’t even know, nicer weath­er, some decent results on the scale, and hav­ing a new book on the way.

Also, after talk­ing with Heather, my sup­port­ive friend, I made the deci­sion that in order to get past some of my strug­gles, I just need to do it.  I was telling her that since I live in a cold weath­er cli­mate (North Dako­ta), I some­times strug­gle to get my fruits, veg­eta­bles, and water intake to where they need to be.  Let me be hon­est with you.  When it’s cold out, I don’t want cold food.  Heather was great and sug­gest­ed some alter­na­tives, but in the end I decid­ed that was a big ol’ excuse for not doing what I should be doing.  Instead of mak­ing more work for myself, I’m just going to do it.  My goal for this week is 3 bot­tles of water every day (96 oz) and 5+ fruits and veg­eta­bles every day.  Hope­ful­ly since we’ve been expe­ri­enc­ing some nicer weath­er I’ll get off to a good start in this area and the week after won’t be too bad even if it’s cold­er.

My foot is still bug­ging me.  My knee is still bug­ging me.  While I’m tempt­ed to keep on exer­cis­ing with the foot thing just to get it dealt with, I think a bet­ter plan will be to do some­thing that is less impact (the Pilates), let my foot and knee heal up and start again at a slow­er pace when that hap­pens.  Until then, hope­ful­ly the bike and Pilates will become two of my great friends.

Thanks for the sup­port and com­ments!  Every one means a lot to me.

Oh, yeah, I almost for­got

Pre­vi­ous weeks’ weight loss:  5 lbs

This week:  .8 lbs

Total:  5.8 lbs


  1. I can relate we used to live in South Dako­ta and I dread mov­ing back because fruit and veg­gies are slim pick­ings.
    Keep your­self on the mend. Con­grats on the weight loss.

  2. I hope you’re able to reach the goals you’ve got for this week.
    & also, I hope the injuries/pain you’ve felt are eased and you’re able to get to where you want to be. Take it slow and easy. Don’t over­do it and cause more injury.

  3. You’ve done great just by rec­og­niz­ing your weak­ness­es! That alone is a big step towards your goals. I think it’s impor­tant for all of us to under­stand why we do what we do, because it helps us to over­come our diet/weight loss obsta­cles in a bet­ter way. Keep up with what you’re doing, keep reach­ing for your goals! You’ll get there even­tu­al­ly. Make it your best week yet! 🙂

  4. You’ve set good goals for your­self… easy ones. That’s a good way to start!

    Do it one choice at a time, don’t get over­whelmed.

  5. One thing that helps me with water is to have a cup of it out at room temp. I put the water in my bot­tle then refill the cup with water and let it sit on the counter until what is in my bot­tle is gone then repeat the process. That way I am get­ting room temp water instead of super cold water. It real­ly helps in the win­ter.

    Also herbal teas help and as long as they aren’t caf­feinat­ed can count.

  6. Woot on the loss — that is so great! And keep going with water — I had no idea how much water has to do with weight loss. That reminds me — got­ta have my water. Good luck this week

  7. I’m so proud of you, Casey! “Just do it” is your new mot­to!

    Great job find­ing the things that you can work on for now, know­ing that some things just aren’t with­in your con­trol.

    Great job on the weight loss this week!!

  8. Oh those are such great goals! I also strug­gle with my fruit/veggie and water intake in the win­ter, so I may have to co-opt those goals you set! Also, just want­ed to say, be gen­tle with your­self, your lit­tle one is still only 4 months old. In my expe­ri­ence, after the ini­tial birth-loss, I did­n’t loose any­thing until Ella was 9–10 months old…and after that burst, I’m again at a plateau. Our bod­ies are beau­ti­ful, amaz­ing and some­times frus­trat­ing things — good luck with your con­tin­ued jour­ney!! (now off to drink some water…)

  9. Hugs — push­ing through injuries is tough. Great idea doing pilates instead!

    Have a great week!

  10. You have a plan and now you can get right to it! Con­grats on your weight loss!

  11. Great job with the con­sis­ten­cy. The fresh pro­duce thing can be hard espe­cial­ly when try­ing to do local. I have been cheat­ing the last two years in Col­orado… first with preg­nan­cy and now with an infant who is explor­ing veg­gies. I am buy­ing so much out of sea­son right now.

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