Mamavation Monday: Week 6

Well, you may have noticed that I missed last week.  (But, with my “break” from blog­ging, it’s pos­si­ble you also didn’t notice.)  🙂  Whoops!  I usu­al­ly write my posts on Fri­day, so when it comes time to post it I can just put it up.  Well, I didn’t get it writ­ten on Fri­day or Sat­ur­day or Sun­day or Mon­day.  So, I missed a week.

I have to admit that anoth­er part of the rea­son I didn’t write last week’s post is that I was feel­ing a lit­tle over­whelmed.  Thurs­day I was at the gym and did the ellip­ti­cal crosstrain­er, and I end­ed up doing some­thing to my knee.  It was hurt­ing to the point where I couldn’t even go up and down the stairs on Thurs­day.  In addi­tion to hav­ing an extreme­ly painful knee, I had been hav­ing prob­lems with my feet.  No mat­ter which exer­cise I do, my toes seem to end up numb to a cer­tain degree.  Some exer­cis­es are worse than oth­ers, but they all seem to end up with me hav­ing numb toes.  Also, on my left foot, I have been expe­ri­enc­ing a few dif­fer­ent symp­toms.  First, I felt like I was walk­ing on a small rock, but when I took my shoe off there was noth­ing.  Then, it got to the point where every time I took a step, I had the sen­sa­tion of a nerve being bumped.  (Like when you hit your fun­ny bone)  So, I made an appoint­ment with the podi­a­trist, and it turns out I have a pinched nerve in my left foot and the same thing seems to be devel­op­ing in my right foot.  So, right now, I can take it easy, ice my foot, get a cor­ti­sone shot if it gets worse, or have the nerve removed.  Great.  Then, I get to go through it all again with my right foot.

I wasn’t ready to talk about it last week, and I still don’t exact­ly how I’m feel­ing about all of that.  But, I decid­ed to take it easy on the impact exer­cis­es.  This week, I’ve been doing bik­ing (with numb toes) and a lit­tle ellip­ti­cal.  After I do those, I’ve been lift­ing weights.  So far, I’ve only focused on lift­ing legs.  I fig­ured if my knee issues were due to weak mus­cles or ten­dons in my knees lift­ing would help me build up my strength.

So, as far as weight loss goes, I’m still at the same weight I was at 2 weeks ago.  Last week I gained .4 pounds and this week I lost it.  I’m sure that the fact that my baby is just about 4 months old also has some­thing to do with my weight loss (and the lack of it).  I’m try­ing to keep a good atti­tude and remem­ber that as long as I get the good habits in place now, the loss will come when my body is ready.


  1. Take it easy. Nerve may take some time to heal. Good luck this week and do what you can with­out over­do­ing it

  2. Cyclists often have numb feet when their seat is adjust­ed improp­er­ly. I had some issues with it on the tan­dem until my DH low­ered and tilt­ed the seat for me. You can also pinch nerves near your sit bones. I only men­tion it because you talked about bik­ing.

    I hope with icing you are able to get back into exer­cise. Have a great week.

  3. My toes get numb when I’m on the bike for more than 30 min­utes, won­der if that has any­thing to do with the sit bones that Andrea men­tioned? hmmm… Any­way, sor­ry you’ve been hav­ing a rough time. But it sounds like you’re being smart. My knees used to ache after exer­cis­ing, but since I’ve start­ed strength train­ing, I’ve noticed a big dif­fer­ence! I hope that it helps you too.


  4. Good job los­ing the weight you gained. I am sor­ry to hear about your foot! I hope it gets bet­ter for you quick­ly!

  5. OOOOHHHNOOO!!! It end­ed up being a pinched nerve!! ARGH! I am SO sor­ry. Between your knee and the foot. Okay, so sil­ly ques­tion, but do the two have any­thing to do with each oth­er? I mean, could the impact from your knee have caused the foot?

    I am so freak­ing sor­ry. If you need to talk, you know where to find me…

  6. It must be so frus­trat­ing for you but I’m proud of you for not giv­ing up! Hope­ful­ly with time the nerve will heal itself. Keep going! We’re all here for you.

  7. hugs it sounds live you’ve had a rough cou­ple weeks i hope that every­thing wrks out for you

  8. Ice is your best friend! Do NOT for­get to stretch those feet. You can find all sort of dif­fer­ent kinds on You Tube.

  9. Hey Casey,
    See what a chi­ro­prac­tor would say about your pinched nerve. Like­ly the prob­lem is some­where away from your foot and might be solved with mas­sage. It worked for me once years ago. I gave myself a long (hour and a half) calf mas­sage after weeks of a painful foot. It worked like mag­ic. I couldn’t believe it, since there was no pain in my leg. I didn’t even touch my foot, just the calf mus­cle. Some­where in there was the prob­lem.

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