Mamavation Monday: Week 2

About two years ago, one of my Face­book friends start­ed exer­cis­ing and watch­ing what she ate.  She was over­weight at the time, and over time she lost over 100 pounds.  She is an amaz­ing moth­er, won­der­ful wife, and beau­ti­ful per­son all around.  Now, she fre­quent­ly shares thoughts and infor­ma­tion on her Face­book page about how she was able to lose the weight and how she’s keep­ing it off.

I don’t have as much weight to lose as she did, but I def­i­nite­ly need to start focus­ing on tak­ing con­trol of my health.  So, when she was shar­ing some keys to her suc­cess, one of her state­ments caught my eye.  “It’s not about how I feel.  It’s about what I know to be true.”  This state­ment can be applied in so many cir­cum­stances in life, and one of those is tak­ing care of myself (includ­ing weight loss although not lim­it­ed to it).

I’ve been think­ing about that a lot late­ly.  I thought I’d share that and see if it helps any­one else.

This week I lost 3 pounds.  But, I’d like to add a cou­ple thoughts to that.  I lost 3 pounds.  That’s great, and it’s a nice way to start off the year.  But, I’m nurs­ing.  I’m nurs­ing a baby who is almost 3 months old and is almost 20 pounds.  This means he eats.  A lot.  I have a feel­ing that his nurs­ing pat­terns have a lot more to do with my weight loss than my choic­es at this point.  To be hon­est, I don’t mind it.  Weight loss is weight loss at this point.  How­ev­er, I do real­ize before get­ting too excit­ed, that at some point I’m going to have to take more respon­si­bil­i­ty for my actions and choic­es.  He’s not always going to be eat­ing so much and allow­ing my body to burn the extra calo­ries in a day.  Until then, I will appre­ci­ate the loss very much, but I do need to appre­ci­ate it in its full con­text.

Total weight loss:  3 lbs

Mama­va­tion ques­tion (spon­sored by GameStop):  What are ways you can work out with­out hav­ing to leave the house?

We have dance par­ties, use the tread­mill, use the Watch It Now fea­ture on Net­Flix, and use our Wii to play exer­cise games.


  1. I love the dance par­ties! It reminds me of my col­lege days we would have dance par­ties in our house and would burn so many calo­ries hav­ing fun! Great job!

  2. We run laps around the house play­ing “tag”. We crawl around like cats/dogs. There are always dance par­ties to be had and the tread­mill down­stairs. I also do yoga with both kids they have their own “yoga mats” and Ivy is more than hap­py to show vis­i­tors what “down dog” is.

  3. Baby need what baby needs. That comes first. Just take of your­self and do the best you can on mov­ing

  4. Enjoy the loss! I bare­ly lost any nurs­ing my daugh­ter. She still nurs­es once or twice a day, but the weight has firm­ly stayed this time around.

    The dance par­ties sounds like fun. I am also a huge fan of the Net­flix options. I enjoy the vari­ety avail­able.

    Have a great week! Keep los­ing and Have a great New Year.

  5. Con­grats on the loss this week! Love the dance par­ties!

  6. I remem­ber how the weight melt­ed off the 1st 3 months of nurs­ing with LB. I took that for grant­ed. (She also weighed almost 20 lbs at 3 months!) Good for you for know­ing that nurs­ing is part of the equa­tion but also real­iz­ing that you need to be account­able for your choic­es.

    Yay for the 3 lbs gone! You’re off to a great start! Hugs!

  7. That is such a fan­tas­tic quote — it’s not about how I feel, but what I know to be true — real­ly spoke to me this week. Thank you.

  8. Awe­some awe­some weight loss!! Keep it up!

  9. Great quote!!! Con­grats on the loss! I hope to be able to report a loss next week too!

  10. Great post hun! Glad you aren’t being too hard on your­self about weight loss… Even if you think your loss was from breast­feed­ing… well mark it as a win last week and move for­ward with a pos­i­tive atti­tude!

    I cant wait to hear how this week turns out for [email protected]

    Good luck and stay pos­i­tive!

  11. Thanks for the encour­age­ment. Heather, I took the loss for grant­ed with my oth­er boys, but this time I was ready to start get­ting seri­ous about healthy liv­ing instead of eat­ing what­ev­er I want­ed and watch­ing my weight dip only to climb back up. Andrea, I had lost quite a bit of weight pret­ty quick­ly after hav­ing my first two, and I was pray­ing that I would be able to do the same thing this time. I was hop­ing that I would­n’t be one of those women who had to strug­gle to get it off. So far, it appears to be going well. I want to work with it instead of tak­ing it for grant­ed.

  12. Breast­feed­ing is hard work, so give your­self a pat on the back! I did extend­ed breast­feed­ing and did­n’t have a prob­lem at all with the weight loss from it! Enjoy it! It’s 3 pounds gone. WOOHOO!!

    I like that quote from your friend. Need to thnk more about it.


  13. Thanks, Gre­ta. I also did extend­ed breast­feed­ing with the first two boys, but after a while I took it for grant­ed and the weight start­ed to sneak back on. I’m try­ing to be mind­ful of that and avoid it hap­pen­ing this time.

  14. It is real­ly hard to gauge weight loss when you are a nurs­ing mom. You know you are gonna lose espe­cial­ly with a 20 pound 3 month old, it is a mat­ter of what habits you con­trol right now that will make your efforts part of a lifestyle once your babe weans or begins to explore food. Good luck and glad you are post­ing here.

  15. Right now, while I real­ly want to be los­ing weight (and I am glad my body seems to be doing so), my main goal is real­ly to set myself up with good habits and choic­es. Then, when he’s nurs­ing less and my body seems to be a bit more “nor­mal,” if it ever is, hope­ful­ly I’ll already be on the path to my goals vs. try­ing to make the changes then.

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