Mamavation Monday: Week 10

Two weeks ago I was try­ing to meet a goal of going to the gym 12 times in the month of Feb­ru­ary.  To meet that goal, I went to the gym 7 out of the last 8 days of the month.  I end­ed up not los­ing any weight, but I real­ly liked get­ting there that often and feel­ing the dif­fer­ence in my body from doing those work­outs.  I did not like the guilt though.  Even though my hus­band is awe­some and my kids are pret­ty flex­i­ble con­sid­er­ing how much time it took from my day (and theirs, too, on some days), I feel guilty.  I have a house to clean, meals to make, kids to read to, babies to cud­dle, meals to plan, laun­dry to wash, laun­dry to fold, laun­dry to put away, kids to put to bed, and many oth­er things to do, too.  Instead, I either put it off or hand­ed the duties off to my hus­band to get the work­outs done.  He nev­er once com­plained.  In fact, he encour­aged me to keep going and get the work­outs done.  He’s awe­some by the way.  🙂

Yet, I feel guilt.  I have 3 kids.  My hus­band works full time plus does free­lance work in the evenings.  Is it real­ly fair for me to take that much of our fam­i­ly’s time to exer­cise?  Up until recent­ly, I had been going to the gym twice a week in the morn­ings and putting the boys into their child care area.  That worked real­ly well until Kael and Asa start­ed to get tired of it.  So, we fig­ured out a cou­ple lit­tle things they could have or do in there to keep them inter­est­ed and occu­pied.  Now, Kael is sick and Asa is just get­ting over his cold.  I won’t be going to the gym tomor­row morn­ing.

So, I have a choice.  I can skip going and end up with a marathon run of work­outs at the end of the month.  I can go tomor­row after Jason gets home from work.  I can go tomor­row evening when the boys are going to bed.  Or, I can go anoth­er day, but the time issues remain the same.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly this is a very busy time in my life, and I don’t have a lot of flex­i­bil­i­ty in my sched­ule.

It appears that I could moan and groan about it.  Those of you read­ing this would prob­a­bly give me some help­ful sug­ges­tions and words of encour­age­ment, and I appre­ci­ate that.  But, I think the real solu­tion is the same as what it was to my moan­ing a few weeks ago.  Just suck it up and do it.  Every­body has the same 24 hours in a day.  Every­one has things that make them busy.  Every­one feels guilty about doing or not doing some­thing.  In the end, we just have to do the best we can.  So, there it is.  I’m a bit of a whin­er, but (hope­ful­ly) I’m also a doer.


I weighed myself again, and I did­n’t gain or lose any weight last week.  I have decid­ed that I’m going to take a month off from the scale.  I’m going to focus on water, fruit, veg­eta­bles, and reg­u­lar exer­cise.  At the begin­ning of April, I’ll hop back on the scale and see how things are going.  Until then, I’m going to work on solid­i­fy­ing my lifestyle choic­es.


  1. FWIW I have been work­ing out for 3 weeks now and not lost an ounce PLUS I have more than halved my sug­ar intake..still nada.

    As far as the exer­cise goes is it pos­si­ble to do a DVD? I know it isn’t the same as the gym and it isn’t the same “me time” feel­ing you get from that but it is quick(er) and pret­ty great strength-wise.

    I have been doing 30 Day Shred, 6 week 6 pack, No More Trou­ble Zones (that one hurts my rear SO much!) and my yoga DVD. They are all 20–30 min­utes of time and my kids will­ing­ly do them with me if I want/need them to. I have seen a great increase in my strength and my car­dio abil­i­ty.

    If that isn’t your thing and going to the gym is bet­ter for you, pop out tomor­row night after Jason gets home. It is one day, prob­a­bly about an hours worth of time (guess­ing here). YOU need time for your­self to keep being a good mom and a good wife. In 5 years when the boys are old­er they and Jason aren’t going to remem­ber that the dish­es were in the sink for an extra hour or that the floor was­n’t per­fect­ly swept. They will remem­ber that Mama was doing what she could to stay healthy, to set an exam­ple, and to feel bet­ter about her­self.

  2. You are a doer! It is hard when fam­i­ly mem­bers are sick. How­ev­er when they are bet­ter be sure to get back to the rou­tine you want and not use them as an excuse. With the sup­port of your fam­i­ly stick to your rou­tine. Giv­en how busy you and your hub­by are you need to sched­ule and stick to that sched­ule when you will work­out. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is key to mak­ing sure the 3 lit­tle ones are tak­en care of and that the two of you meet your pri­or­i­ties. Best of luck for a great week.

  3. Guilt is a hor­ri­ble feel­ing. I feel guilty when I take time from my fam­i­ly for a work­out too. But, I also know how good I feel when I’m done and my hus­band is also super sup­port­ive. We have to take care of our­selves or we won’t be able to take care of any­one else.

    I hope you have a great week!

  4. Guilt is a ter­ri­ble feel­ing. To be blunt, you feel bad­ly tak­ing x amount of time a day/week to work­out, but think about how much EXTRA time you get with them in the years to come! Would you feel more guilty NOT going and poten­tial­ly not giv­ing your kids those extra years that get­ting healthy could give you? I don’t mean to bul­ly or make you feel bad­ly by any means, you have to do what’s best for you and your fam­i­ly.
    I promise, if I find some­thing that adds hours to the day, I’ll total­ly share with you! 🙂

  5. It is hard, at first, because you feel guilty tak­ing time for you. But lis­ten to me when I tell you, that you HAVE to. Your hus­band, your kids, they LOVE you, and they want you healthy and at your best. In order to do that, you have to some­times do things for your­self, by your­self, to include this.

    Have you flown before? Do you know how the atten­dan­t’s tell you to put on your own oxy­gen mask before your child? And how dif­fi­cult it is to hear those words, because we ALWAYS put our kids first? But we HAVE to put on our oxy­gen mask first, because how are we to care for them if we can’t breathe, or func­tion, or are well? Put on your oxy­gen mask first, sweet­heart, and put your­SELF first.

    Keep up the good work, and stop feel­ing guilty. What you’re doing is for you, AND for them!

  6. I think tak­ing the time away from the scale is a great idea. I did that last sum­mer when I was plateaued and it was won­der­ful for my men­tal health. And this is about being healthy as a WHOLE per­son, so eat right, exer­cise and take care of your emo­tions too.

    I believe in you, Casey! You can do it!

  7. Just remem­ber that you’re doing this so that you can spend more time with them! I hope your babies all feel bet­ter soon!

  8. what an awe­some goal to go to the gym X times that month! I real­ly like that!

    And if the scale is caus­ing you grief, that’s a great idea to just ditch it for now! Don’t let that num­ber define who you are because it’s only tem­po­rary!

    have a great week 🙂

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