I’m Crafting My Life


I’m so excit­ed!  I signed up for Amber’s Craft­ing My Life course.  What does Craft­ing My Life mean?  Here is a basic descrip­tion from her web­site:

Craft­ing my Life is a 12 week online course about liv­ing with inten­tion. Dur­ing the class we fig­ure out what we real­ly want to be when we grow up, and then take steps to make that a real­i­ty. Craft­ing your life is about tak­ing stock, find­ing your bliss, slay­ing your drag­ons, man­ag­ing your mon­ey and learn­ing a lot about your­self. It is also about find­ing sup­port and com­mu­ni­ty in like-mind­ed peo­ple.

This is exact­ly what I’m look­ing for right now.  Liv­ing with inten­tion?  That’s been on my radar for a while.  What we real­ly want to be when we grow up?  Now that’s a blog post and a half, but it also mir­rors the con­ver­sa­tion I had with my book club last night.  Tak­ing stock, slay­ing your drag­ons (i.e. con­fronting neg­a­tiv­i­ty), man­ag­ing mon­ey, and learn­ing a lot about your­self?  All things that I am inter­est­ed in right now.

The first week’s top­ic is “Tak­ing Stock.”  I’m hop­ing to set aside a cou­ple hours a week for this course and real­ly get some good time to eval­u­ate where I am and what I want for my life in the next five years.

About six and a half  years ago, I was inter­view­ing for a class I want­ed to take, and the inter­view­er asked me, “What do you want for your life in 5 years?”  I answered imme­di­ate­ly, “I want to be a mom.”  At the time it nev­er occurred to me that there would be an answer for the time that co-exist­ed with my time as a mom.  That was it.  That was my goal and my des­ti­na­tion.  Now that I’m there, and lov­ing where I’m at, I am look­ing for some­thing that con­tin­ues my jour­ney.

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