I am a runner

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I am a run­ner.

I don’t run fast.  I don’t run far, but I run.  I run three or four times a week.  Right now, I’m part of a begin­ning run­ner’s group, and were fol­low­ing a plan that incor­po­rates both walk­ing and run­ning.  It’s sim­i­lar to the Couch to 5k plan, but the run­ning and walk­ing inter­vals start at 2 run­ning of walk­ing and 4 min­utes of walk­ing.  After sev­en weeks, I am at 9 min­utes of run­ning and one minute of walk­ing.

I tried run­ning a few years ago, and I fol­lowed the Couch to 5k plan.  For some rea­son, I found it real­ly dif­fi­cult.  I felt like I was always strug­gling and dread­ing my work­outs.  I also felt like I’d failed when I had to take an unsched­uled walk break.  I got real­ly frus­trat­ed, and I stopped run­ning.

After Jonas was born, I start­ed the Couch to 5k again, and I stopped again.  I think I prob­a­bly start­ed it too soon after hav­ing Jonas.  My body must not have been ready for the impact and the strain of start­ing a new work­out pro­gram.  What­ev­er the rea­son, it did­n’t feel good, and I stopped.

A few months lat­er, I heard about the begin­ner’s run­ning group in town.  A friend of mine encour­aged me to try it.  She had joined the pre­vi­ous year after her son was born.  One of the things she had to say about it was, “it is one of the best things I have ever done.”  Now, if that’s not enough to encour­age me to do it, I prob­a­bly nev­er would have.  🙂  So, I went.  I did­n’t love it, but I went back the next week and the week after that.  In between, I make time to run on my own three oth­er times dur­ing the week.

For what­ev­er rea­son, some days are bet­ter than oth­ers.  Some days I feel strong and feel like I could have run for quite a bit longer.  Oth­er days are a strug­gle, and I won­der what I was think­ing to run on pur­pose.  But, I do it.  And, after the run, I’m always glad that I did.

I don’t know how fast I run.  I don’t know how far I go.  Right now, I’m con­scious­ly not keep­ing track, because I don’t want to set up expec­ta­tions that I can­not meet.  I like know­ing that I can now run 27 min­utes out of 30.  I like hav­ing a good sweat dur­ing a work­out.  I like know­ing that even though I’m not run­ning 5 miles every night, I am run­ning 108 min­utes a week more than I was just a few weeks ago.



  1. Oh I like the idea of 2 min­utes running/4 min­utes walk­ing to start. I con­tin­ue to get frus­trat­ed with the C25K plan. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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