Hi, Mom!” “Bye, Mom!”

That pic­ture is fin­gers wav­ing to me from under our bath­room door.

I remem­ber when I was younger, I used to do the same thing to my mom.  I used to won­der what she could pos­si­bly be doing in the bath­room with­out me!  Did­n’t she miss me?  Did­n’t she wish I could be in there with her, too?  What was the point of pri­va­cy any­way?

These mem­o­ries came flood­ing back to me the oth­er night.  I was in the show­er, and the two old­er boys were get­ting ready for bed.  First, Asa came in to get his tooth­brush.  Then, he left.  A cou­ple min­utes lat­er, he came back in to rinse it and put it away.  Then, he left.  Then, Kael came in to get his tooth­brush, and I have no idea what hap­pened next, but he came in and left five times.  Each time, he said, “Hi, Mom!”  “Bye, Mom!”  He was so hap­py to be greet­ing me both on his way in and out.  Just want­i­ng to let me know he was there in case I did­n’t know.

So sor­ry, Mom.  Very very sor­ry.


  1. How fun­ny! I remem­ber doing that, too. I could com­plete­ly ignore my mom as long as she was acces­si­ble, but the moment she went into the bath­room (or any oth­er place where she prob­a­bly want­ed a lit­tle pri­va­cy) then I want­ed to cling to her. Now my daugh­ter (who’s only one) is start­ing to do the same thing. Kids are fun­ny.

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