Happy Birthday!

I can­not believe Kael is 6 years old.  Some­how six seems so old.  It seems unre­al.  I can’t have a six year old.  I’m not adult enough for that!  This can’t pos­si­bly be true.  Also, I remem­ber the pro­gres­sion of events from my doc­tor’s appoint­ment on Novem­ber 2, 2005 through the start of labor until he was born pret­ty clear­ly.  It can’t real­ly be six years since all that hap­pened, can it?  I sup­pose it can and it has been.

In love and grat­i­tude to Kael, I will leave you with his birth sto­ry, a quote from him a cou­ple years ago, and then and now pic­tures.


His birth sto­ry:  http://www.beautifulletdown.net/two-years-ago/  (Con­tains details.  Don’t read it if you don’t want them.)

A quote:
Me:  “Kael, what do you think we should get Dad for his birth­day?”
Kael:  “Paste.”


And now:

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