Counting the Days

We have a few things com­ing up that the boys are look­ing for­ward to.  We have a fam­i­ly trip, Thanks­giv­ing, vis­its from grand­par­ents, and Christ­mas among oth­er things.  Every day, Asa asks me, “How many days untilx, y, or z?”  As time pass­es, and as I answer his ques­tions every day, I real­ize how fast time is pass­ing.

It seems like we were just at the park play­ing in the 80 degree sun­shine.  All sum­mer, I spent time look­ing for­ward to two cousins’ wed­dings.  Those things came, were great, and passed.  Now, it’s near­ly Thanks­giv­ing and near­ly Christ­mas.  Heck, it’s near­ly 2012!

On a flight I took this fall, I talked with a woman who was sit­ting next to me.  She told me that in her fam­i­ly, her rel­a­tives often live into their 90’s.  She told me she had always assumed that at some point when peo­ple got old­er, their days slowed down and their time moved slow­er and slow­er.  She was sur­prised to find out from her 80 and 90 year old rel­a­tives that they felt it was just the oppo­site.  Their lives moved faster and faster, and sud­den­ly they were 90.

Luck­i­ly, I won’t wake up and be 90 soon, but some­how it seems like some­one has pushed the fast for­ward but­ton on my life.  So, Hap­py Thanks­giv­ing, Hap­py Hol­i­days, Mer­ry Christ­mas, and Hap­py New Year!  The rest of this year may fly by, so I don’t want to miss my oppor­tu­ni­ty to say all those things.  🙂

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