All I Need Is More Time

The oth­er day I wrote about want­i­ng to read more.  Then, yes­ter­day I was think­ing about what I do on Pin­ter­est (beyond win­dow shop­ping for clothes and nail pol­ish­es for hours).  I real­ized that Pin­ter­est would prob­a­bly be a great resource for knit­ting projects and pat­terns.  So, I looked through some of the pat­terns for knit­ting and cro­chet­ing.  After I looked for a while, I had a nice list of all the projects I want­ed to start.  I real­ized that I had every­thing I need­ed.  I have the nee­dles, the yarn, the pat­terns.  All I need is more time.  Unfor­tu­nate­ly, at this point, that may not be in the cards for a few more years.  Oh, but it’s fun to look.


I knit­ted this scarf for my sis­ter-in-law for Christ­mas two years ago.

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