2012 Goals

The oth­er day, I saw that some­one had liked a link called “How I Rocked my 2011 Goals and Plan on Tak­ing 2012 by Storm.”  I was intrigued, so I clicked on it.  I’ve always liked the idea of goals and res­o­lu­tions.  I’ve even made them.  I just don’t do all that well after that.  Last year, I took the Craft­ing My Life course from Amber Stro­cel.  One of the tasks we were giv­en was to ask impor­tant peo­ple around us what they see our strengths and weak­ness­es to be.  One of the peo­ple I asked was my hus­band.  He said lots and lots of very nice things about me.  🙂  Then, he slipped in that he won­dered if maybe I was­n’t all that great at fol­low­ing through with things.

I said some­thing about not fol­low­ing through because I had­n’t found the thing that caught my inter­est, but the truth is he’s prob­a­bly more right than I would like to admit.  I like new things.  I like things that are fun and inter­est­ing.  I don’t like things that are repet­i­tive or things that require effort at the end of a long (cold) day.  So, in the end, mak­ing changes or set­ting goals is not exact­ly my forte.

I left the “How I Rocked My Goals” post open in my brows­er, and then today, I came across a “How I Set My Year­ly Goals” post by anoth­er blog­ger.  I don’t think this was any sort of sign or any­thing.  I think it has more to do with read­ing 50+ blogs dur­ing the New Years Res­o­lu­tion time of year.  I’m not think­ing that there are any big rev­e­la­tions com­ing up for me in par­tic­u­lar.  I do think, though, that there are ben­e­fits in set­ting goals, mak­ing changes, and tak­ing steps to move my life in the direc­tion I would like it to go instead of let­ting it go how­ev­er it hap­pens to go.

So, over the course of the next week, I’m going to be think­ing about my pri­or­i­ties, my goals, and what I need to do to make some things in my life hap­pen.  I am not sure if I’m going to post my goals on this blog or if I’m going to decide to share them with close friends or what.  No mat­ter what I decide, though, I will have at least one goal this year.  At least one goal will go beyond think­ing about it in my head and not doing much else with it.

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