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Mamavation Monday: Week 3

I promise I will post some­thing oth­er than only a Mon­day post soon!

So, we’ve been sick.  We’ve been sick since before Hal­loween.  Accord­ing to my men­tal cal­cu­la­tions, that is some­where around 10–11 weeks.  Jonas is 13 weeks, and I know that he got sick some­where around Hal­loween- the first time.  Ugh.  Since then we’ve been cough­ing, sneez­ing, and pass­ing what­ev­er it is that we have from one per­son to anoth­er.  Just when some­body seems to be get­ting bet­ter, some­one else comes down with it.  Then, when I think I’m final­ly safe from anoth­er round of the yucks, I wake up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, or some oth­er form of it.  Yuck.

Final­ly, after all five of us endured mul­ti­ple rounds of the yuck for over two months, I men­tioned it out of frus­tra­tion to my doc­tor at a rou­tine check­up.  She said if we were not well in a week to call her back.  I did, and she pre­scribed antibi­otics.  Again, yuck.  I went back and forth about tak­ing them (and giv­ing them to the boys), but in the end we did it.  Jason and I and the two old­er boys all took a round of antibi­otics.  As the week pro­gressed, I had two dis­tinct feel­ings about tak­ing the meds.  First, I was hes­i­tant and reluc­tant to take them.  We’ve all heard about the overuse of antibi­otics and doc­tors who are pre­scrib­ing them for colds.  Every­one knows that is bad and can lead to seri­ous prob­lems down the road.  Now, here I am with four of the five of us on antibi­otics.  Then, I felt relieved.  They worked.  Appar­ent­ly what we had need­ed antibi­otics in order to go away.  With­in two days I felt much bet­ter.  The boys were notice­ably bet­ter.  It was what we need­ed.  We can now con­sid­er leav­ing the house again!  Ten weeks inside a house with two preschool­ers and an infant is a L.O.N.G. time.

I know I made the right deci­sion in get­ting the med­i­cine for us, but I still feel guilty about it for some rea­son.  I guess there’s no way to win this one.

Now, onto my week­ly check in-  I did fair­ly well last week with eat­ing well.  I meal plan on a reg­u­lar basis, and we have lots of fruits and veg­gies in the house.  How­ev­er, I am nurs­ing (as I will prob­a­bly men­tion every week in one way or anoth­er) 🙂 and that makes my weight loss much less pre­dictable.  My first week I lost 3 pounds, and last week I lost noth­ing.  That is weird if you ask me.  Not frus­trat­ing yet, just weird.  🙂  I under­stand it hap­pens, and to the degree that I can, I also under­stand why my body hangs on to some of the weight.

This week, we bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii, and I’m hop­ing to dance away some of my calo­ries in the upcom­ing weeks.  In addi­tion, now that we are well, I’m going to be join­ing a gym!  Yay!  I’m hop­ing for two days a week at the gym with the boys in their child­care area and one week­end day.  The oth­er days, I’m hop­ing to dance or use our tread­mill at home.

Pre­vi­ous weight loss:  3 lbs

This week’s weight loss:  0 lbs

Total loss:  3 lbs

This week’s spon­sor ques­tion from Salon­pas is:  Have you ever been injured start­ing a new exer­cise rou­tine? Tell us about it…If not, do you get any aches and pains? Where?

I am not sure I’d call it an injury, but when I start­ed the Couch to 5K run­ning pro­gram a cou­ple years ago, I had some def­i­nite aches and pains for the first cou­ple weeks.  My knees were achy, and my shins were a lit­tle sore for a while, too.  How about you?  🙂

Also, I’d love to get to know you on Twit­ter.  Tell me who you are, and fol­low me @CBerbs

Mamavation Monday: Week 2

About two years ago, one of my Face­book friends start­ed exer­cis­ing and watch­ing what she ate.  She was over­weight at the time, and over time she lost over 100 pounds.  She is an amaz­ing moth­er, won­der­ful wife, and beau­ti­ful per­son all around.  Now, she fre­quent­ly shares thoughts and infor­ma­tion on her Face­book page about how she was able to lose the weight and how she’s keep­ing it off.

I don’t have as much weight to lose as she did, but I def­i­nite­ly need to start focus­ing on tak­ing con­trol of my health.  So, when she was shar­ing some keys to her suc­cess, one of her state­ments caught my eye.  “It’s not about how I feel.  It’s about what I know to be true.”  This state­ment can be applied in so many cir­cum­stances in life, and one of those is tak­ing care of myself (includ­ing weight loss although not lim­it­ed to it).

I’ve been think­ing about that a lot late­ly.  I thought I’d share that and see if it helps any­one else.

This week I lost 3 pounds.  But, I’d like to add a cou­ple thoughts to that.  I lost 3 pounds.  That’s great, and it’s a nice way to start off the year.  But, I’m nurs­ing.  I’m nurs­ing a baby who is almost 3 months old and is almost 20 pounds.  This means he eats.  A lot.  I have a feel­ing that his nurs­ing pat­terns have a lot more to do with my weight loss than my choic­es at this point.  To be hon­est, I don’t mind it.  Weight loss is weight loss at this point.  How­ev­er, I do real­ize before get­ting too excit­ed, that at some point I’m going to have to take more respon­si­bil­i­ty for my actions and choic­es.  He’s not always going to be eat­ing so much and allow­ing my body to burn the extra calo­ries in a day.  Until then, I will appre­ci­ate the loss very much, but I do need to appre­ci­ate it in its full con­text.

Total weight loss:  3 lbs

Mama­va­tion ques­tion (spon­sored by GameStop):  What are ways you can work out with­out hav­ing to leave the house?

We have dance par­ties, use the tread­mill, use the Watch It Now fea­ture on Net­Flix, and use our Wii to play exer­cise games.

Project 365 — Day 1

Project 365 — Day 1

I have 3 beau­ti­ful boys.  I don’t take as many pic­tures as I should.  I love the pho­to albums that my mom made for me as I was grow­ing up.  I think about them quite often, and I usu­al­ly end up feel­ing guilty about it.  Not only do I not take the pic­tures I should, but I also don’t orga­nize them after I take them.  Some day my kids are going to want pic­tures of their child­hoods.  I want to have some­thing to give them.

My sis­ter-in-law has been doing Project 365 for the past three years.  The idea is to take one pic­ture a day for a year to doc­u­ment the lit­tle things that make some­one’s life unique and spe­cial.  After look­ing at her pic­tures each day and see­ing a few of my Face­book friends join­ing in, I thought it might be a way for us to take more pic­tures and orga­nize them in a way our boys will appre­ci­ate as they grow.

Day 1

Paja­mas and Legos

I won’t be post­ing all our pic­tures here, but if you’re inter­est­ed in keep­ing up with our Project 365 progress, you can check them out on HERE Flickr.