Love what is.

Wel­come to my new blog! This blog is called “Love What Is.” I hope that it becomes a life blog for me and helps me to remem­ber my desire to embrace my life in order to have the life I want as well as appre­ci­ate what I have instead of wish­ing for some­thing else. Whether it be in my career, my fam­i­ly, my liv­ing sit­u­a­tion, or any oth­er aspect of my life, I want to be embrac­ing my life instead of wait­ing for it to pass or wait­ing for the “good part” to start.

My pre­vi­ous blog was The Beau­ti­ful Let­down where I wrote pri­mar­i­ly about breast­feed­ing. After writ­ing there for a cou­ple years, I felt stuck. The blog was pri­mar­i­ly about my nurs­ing expe­ri­ences and my thoughts on nurs­ing my chil­dren. To me, it was pri­mar­i­ly a breast­feed­ing blog and as my kids were/are wean­ing, I felt as though I had less and less to say and share. Last year, I post­ed our fam­i­ly’s Christ­mas card, and then, I decid­ed to stop blog­ging there.

Since then, I have missed blog­ging. I have missed the writ­ing process, and I bet there have been at least 30 times when I thought “I should write about that.” When I start­ed The Beau­ti­ful Let­down, nurs­ing was a very large part of my life. I was the moth­er of a 15 month old who was nurs­ing 3 months into my next preg­nan­cy. That was fol­lowed by almost three years of tan­dem nurs­ing my boys. As it became less and less of the focus of my day and as my chil­dren nursed less, I had few­er anec­dotes to share. I thought less about nurs­ing even though I still val­ued it high­ly (and pos­si­bly even more high­ly than when I start­ed the blog!). But, for some rea­son it did­n’t feel right to move on to anoth­er sea­son in my life on that blog.

A cou­ple weeks ago, I was hav­ing a rough time accept­ing my 4 1/2 year old’s approach to and atti­tude about pot­ty train­ing (or pot­ty learn­ing as some call it), and I said some­thing on Twit­ter like “Does­n’t any­one have a mag­ic solu­tion to this pot­ty train­ing stuff?” One answer that I got back was from Sarah Par­ent. Her answer was, “Love what is. Trust.” It turns out that was the mag­ic solu­tion I need­ed. It was­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly the answer to pot­ty train­ing my son nor was it the solu­tion to mov­ing from our cur­rent apart­ment to a house or did it solve any of my oth­er prob­lems or dilem­mas. It gave me a dif­fer­ent focus though. Instead of focus­ing on what was wrong or what I was hop­ing to change, I am try­ing to focus on what is and what I can enjoy about it or learn from it.

I’m hop­ing that I can be ful­ly myself in my blog­ging here and share my jour­ney to liv­ing a con­scious life and to lov­ing that life as it is.


  1. Wel­come back to blog­ging. Love the title

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I’m hop­ing I can get back into the rou­tine of writ­ing reg­u­lar­ly. It’s been 5 months!

  3. I’m look­ing for­ward to read­ing as well.

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