Counting the Days

We have a few things coming up that the boys are looking forward to.  We have a family trip, Thanksgiving, visits from grandparents, and Christmas among other things.  Every day, Asa asks me, “How many days untilx, y, or z?”  As time passes, and as I answer his questions every day, I realize how fast time is passing.

It seems like we were just at the park playing in the 80 degree sunshine.  All summer, I spent time looking forward to two cousins’ weddings.  Those things came, were great, and passed.  Now, it’s nearly Thanksgiving and nearly Christmas.  Heck, it’s nearly 2012!

On a flight I took this fall, I talked with a woman who was sitting next to me.  She told me that in her family, her relatives often live into their 90’s.  She told me she had always assumed that at some point when people got older, their days slowed down and their time moved slower and slower.  She was surprised to find out from her 80 and 90 year old relatives that they felt it was just the opposite.  Their lives moved faster and faster, and suddenly they were 90.

Luckily, I won’t wake up and be 90 soon, but somehow it seems like someone has pushed the fast forward button on my life.  So, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!  The rest of this year may fly by, so I don’t want to miss my opportunity to say all those things.  🙂

This is Hard!

Posting every day is hard!  When I committed to doing NaBloPoMo, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.  I figured I would write a little blurb each day, and voila, I’d know where my blog was going to go.  Unfortunately, that’s not happening for me yet.

I know that I could post about my kids and my family every day.  The difficulty with that is that as Kael and Asa get older, I feel more protective of their privacy.  Stories that were cute little stories when they were younger now have the power to embarrass them.  I don’t want that.

My previous blog was a (mostly) breastfeeding blog.  It was nice to know I had a general topic around which I could organize my ideas and posts.  Also, if I was feeling a little low on ideas or personal connections, I could always connect my post to a current event or news story related to breastfeeding.  I don’t feel like I have that right now.

I have some themes running through my life right now.  Maybe if I can get my thoughts organized enough I can have a regular post or two about those things.  Until then, expect a stream of consciousness and pictures of the boys.  🙂

My Husband is Awesome

Jason and the boys (Poor Baby J has an eye infection in this picture!)


He is.  He’s a great husband.  He’s a wonderful dad.  He’s patient.  He’s a hard worker.  Man, do I love that guy.

Last night, we were talking about something, and Jason said, “If you had to choose, would you do it again?  Get married so young, I mean.”  We were 22 and 23 when we got married.  At the time, I remember thinking that wasn’t that young at all.  Now, looking back…  🙂

I thought about our marriage and the past 9 1/2 years together.  I thought about our trips together, our moves, our kids.  I really couldn’t think of any reason I would do things any differently.

Some things that make him are awesome are:

  • his coffee making ability
  • the way he loves our children
  • the way he takes care of me
  • how he lets me sleep in on the weekends even though he’s tired, too
  • how he cleans up the kitchen
  • how he works so hard at his job
  • and a million more things
Love you, Honey!

Thanksgiving Planning

Jason and I sat down today to start thinking about what we want to make for our Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ve been telling my dad for a couple weeks that we are having a tofurky (tofu turkey) as our main dish.  I’m not sure he believes me which is fine, I suppose.  We’re not having a tofurky.

I figured it is getting close to the time when we actually have to start deciding what we are going to have though.  So far, I think we have enough food for at least 15 people.  There will be 4 adults and 3 kids at our meal.  🙂  When we were making our list of foods to have for our meal, Kael made it very clear that he would really like some corn.  It turns out he wanted corn on the cob which is tough to come by this time of year, but he says frozen corn will be alright.  Jason wants the traditional parts of the meal.  He is in charge of the turkey and gravy.  For some reason, I’m fixated on having sweet potatoes, but I do not want the ones that have marshmallows on the top.  We’ll also be having cranberry sauce and cranberry lemonade.  Now, we just need to figure out how to make sure everything gets cooked at the right temperature for the right time and is ready all at once.


All I Need Is More Time

The other day I wrote about wanting to read more.  Then, yesterday I was thinking about what I do on Pinterest (beyond window shopping for clothes and nail polishes for hours).  I realized that Pinterest would probably be a great resource for knitting projects and patterns.  So, I looked through some of the patterns for knitting and crocheting.  After I looked for a while, I had a nice list of all the projects I wanted to start.  I realized that I had everything I needed.  I have the needles, the yarn, the patterns.  All I need is more time.  Unfortunately, at this point, that may not be in the cards for a few more years.  Oh, but it’s fun to look.


I knitted this scarf for my sister-in-law for Christmas two years ago.