This is Hard!

Posting every day is hard!  When I committed to doing NaBloPoMo, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad.  I figured I would write a little blurb each day, and voila, I’d know where my blog was going to go.  Unfortunately, that’s not happening for me yet.

I know that I could post about my kids and my family every day.  The difficulty with that is that as Kael and Asa get older, I feel more protective of their privacy.  Stories that were cute little stories when they were younger now have the power to embarrass them.  I don’t want that.

My previous blog was a (mostly) breastfeeding blog.  It was nice to know I had a general topic around which I could organize my ideas and posts.  Also, if I was feeling a little low on ideas or personal connections, I could always connect my post to a current event or news story related to breastfeeding.  I don’t feel like I have that right now.

I have some themes running through my life right now.  Maybe if I can get my thoughts organized enough I can have a regular post or two about those things.  Until then, expect a stream of consciousness and pictures of the boys.  🙂

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