Mamavation Monday: Week 9

So, apparently you can ask two health professionals the same question and get two completely different answers.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’m still frustrated.  For quite some time, I’ve been experiencing the effects of having a pinched nerve in my foot.  Sometimes it feels like a nerve sensation through my toes.  Sometimes it feels like there’s a rock in my shoe.  For a long time, I took my slipper off several times a day trying to figure out where the rock was.  It aches most of the time, and I can feel the ball of tissue where it’s inflamed when I stand on a hard floor in bare feet.  So, I saw a podiatrist and a chiropractor.

On my orthotics:

Podiatrist says:  They’re fine.  Wear them all the time.
Chiropractor says:  They increase the force on my joints 5-7 times.  They also only support the main arch allowing the other two to remain collapsed.   When they are in my shoes, they are like walking on a board that flexes only in one place.  She can make me new ones if I’m interested.

On treating it:

Podiatrist says:  Cortisone shot or surgery.  He also says since I’m 31 he won’t tell me not to exercise so go about my exercise routine like I normally would.
Chiropractor says:  There are a few stretches that can be done.  Use biofreeze before and after anything that might inflame the area. She says avoid things that are high impact and be careful with everything else.

On whether it can be resolved without an invasive treatment:

Podiatrist says:  Probably not.
Chiropractor says:  It’s possible.  The body sometimes does what it does, and while it’s not likely sometimes it does happen.


So, I’m chewing that on this week.  Also, I realized that in order to get to the gym 12 times this month, starting last Monday, I realized I needed to go to the gym seven out of the last eight days of February.  So, since Monday, I’ve been to the gym and done 45-60 minutes of cardio every day except Saturday.  I’ve gotten my water and fruit and vegetable intake most days.  I figured last week would be a great week.  Right?  Apparently not great.  Meh.  I’m hoping my body and mind sync up soon.

Jonas is almost five months old now (in just over a week).  When the other boys were this age, I was already below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I had friends who struggled to lose the weight.  I encouraged them to get their lifestyles ready for when the weight was ready to come off.  I supported them.  I reminded them their babies were still young.  I meant all the things I was saying, but it’s a lot harder to be on the other side of that coin.

Over the past week, I have done somewhere around 300 minutes of cardio.  I’ve also had plenty of water and made pretty decent food choices.

Previous loss:  8.2 lbs

This week’s loss:  .6 lb gain (Boo-urns!!!)

Total loss:  7.6 lbs

Staying focused on water intake, eating fruit and vegetables, and getting exercise.


  1. Do you follow Julie’s Journey on facebook? She is very positive and works very hard to lose her weight through exercise and healthy eating and is focused on health rather than weight loss (though that is the ultimate goal). She is in a slightly different position as both her kids are a little older and she is working with some more weight to lose, but her positivity and focus on health is great to see.

    As far as the doctors, I can pretty much promise you if you went to yet another one, they would have yet another opinion.

  2. I am not a fan of Chiropractors. I’m sure there are some very good ones out there but since I work in an ER, I have seen some very bad things that have resulted from some sloppy work. Do you have a specialty shoe store in your area? For example we have this shoe store
    and they have free foot screenings. They have done wonders to help with my feet. But also, Earth Footwear has helped greatly with my foot problems. I have plantar fascitis. Earth is the brand I wear when my feet start to feel sore. I even use a pair of their flip flops as my slippers since most slippers are bad for our feet (no support). Just a thought.
    Hope your foot is better soon and you can get back to Rockin’ it!

  3. Ugh. How frustrating! I’m so amazed that you got into the gym like that. If I’d have realized that, I’d have thrown my hands up in the air. Keep at it! The weight will come off!

  4. I would be more inclined to follow the advice of the chiropractor, but that’s also because I strongly believe in chiropractic care.

    As far as the weight gain, I would guess that some of that is muscle because of the increase in your workouts. Way to go on almost 300 minutes! That’s amazing!

    You’re doing great, Casey. Part of this is a journey of self-discovery, what works for you and what doesn’t. Keep up the good work! I’m proud of you!

  5. 300 min of cardio is ssssooo cool. Hope you have a great week

  6. Unfortunately those are two very different disciplines and approaches to health. Each discipline has their own set of tools to address a problem. My MIL has a Masters in Nursing and likes to use the view, a surgeon will want to open you up and explore because that is the tool set he is given to treat a patient. Don’t be discouraged. What does your GP say?

    With each pregnancy it can be harder to lose the weight. Don’t hold yourself to comparisons. Instead just focus on the small lifestyle changes and to be healthy. Have a great week!

  7. Jeez, what a pickle with the different opinions. 🙁
    Look at you go with the cardio. And water. And fruits and veggies intake. Whew! You’re doing such a great job, keep it up!

  8. @Shannon- I hadn’t seen her FB page before, but I’m following it now.

    @Marie- Thanks for the suggestion on the specialty shoe store. We don’t have anything like that where I live, but I’m sure if we went to visit my in-laws there would be one in their area. As far as chiropractors go, I think that there are people who are good and bad at what they do in every profession. I remember in college I had friends who said “C’s get degrees.” At the time it was funny (?) but now I certainly wouldn’t want to be seeing the surgeon who got C’s if I could go to the one who got A’s. 🙂 My feet have so many problems I’d probably be better off getting rid of mine and starting new. Since I can’t do that I’ll just have to muddle through it one issue at a time.

    @Heather- I’m planning to follow the chiro’s advice at this point. Basically, it seems like hers is a treatment/prevention plan and the podiatrist’s advice seems to be the last resort sort of plan. Nothing she said seems to be very radical. It just seems like she believes that there might be something that could help prior to cortisone and surgery where he thinks those are the only options.

    @Andrea- I haven’t talked to my family doc about this. I just went straight to the podiatrist since he is the one I saw years ago when I had foot issues before.

    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. It means a lot.

  9. Wow, that’d be frustrating to get so vastly different opinions! I saw your comment to the others and I think you’ve found a way to handle it. I’m impressed with your hard work this week. That’s some dedication!!!! I’m sure you’ll see the numbers on the scale start to decrease very soon with exercise stats such as yours. Keep up the great work!!!

  10. Time for a 3rd or 4th opinion? Sorry the foot is feeling no bueno. I hope you find a solution that offers you relief soon. Until then focus on what you nourish your body with if your exercise is not where you want it to be. Also good luck giving yourself a break. You are working on PPW. You’ll get there.

  11. Good luck! Injuries are NO fun at all. I hope you get this all worked out and soon!

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