Mamavation Monday: Week 7

Well, after feeling more than a little frustrated last week, I am feeling better as I write this post.  I can’t put my finger on why I’m feeling better.  I think it might be a combination of several things.  A supportive friend, some advice from someone I didn’t even know, nicer weather, some decent results on the scale, and having a new book on the way.

Also, after talking with Heather, my supportive friend, I made the decision that in order to get past some of my struggles, I just need to do it.  I was telling her that since I live in a cold weather climate (North Dakota), I sometimes struggle to get my fruits, vegetables, and water intake to where they need to be.  Let me be honest with you.  When it’s cold out, I don’t want cold food.  Heather was great and suggested some alternatives, but in the end I decided that was a big ol’ excuse for not doing what I should be doing.  Instead of making more work for myself, I’m just going to do it.  My goal for this week is 3 bottles of water every day (96 oz) and 5+ fruits and vegetables every day.  Hopefully since we’ve been experiencing some nicer weather I’ll get off to a good start in this area and the week after won’t be too bad even if it’s colder.

My foot is still bugging me.  My knee is still bugging me.  While I’m tempted to keep on exercising with the foot thing just to get it dealt with, I think a better plan will be to do something that is less impact (the Pilates), let my foot and knee heal up and start again at a slower pace when that happens.  Until then, hopefully the bike and Pilates will become two of my great friends.

Thanks for the support and comments!  Every one means a lot to me.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot

Previous weeks’ weight loss:  5 lbs

This week:  .8 lbs

Total:  5.8 lbs


  1. I can relate we used to live in South Dakota and I dread moving back because fruit and veggies are slim pickings.
    Keep yourself on the mend. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. I hope you’re able to reach the goals you’ve got for this week.
    & also, I hope the injuries/pain you’ve felt are eased and you’re able to get to where you want to be. Take it slow and easy. Don’t overdo it and cause more injury.

  3. You’ve done great just by recognizing your weaknesses! That alone is a big step towards your goals. I think it’s important for all of us to understand why we do what we do, because it helps us to overcome our diet/weight loss obstacles in a better way. Keep up with what you’re doing, keep reaching for your goals! You’ll get there eventually. Make it your best week yet! 🙂

  4. You’ve set good goals for yourself… easy ones. That’s a good way to start!

    Do it one choice at a time, don’t get overwhelmed.

  5. One thing that helps me with water is to have a cup of it out at room temp. I put the water in my bottle then refill the cup with water and let it sit on the counter until what is in my bottle is gone then repeat the process. That way I am getting room temp water instead of super cold water. It really helps in the winter.

    Also herbal teas help and as long as they aren’t caffeinated can count.

  6. Woot on the loss – that is so great! And keep going with water – I had no idea how much water has to do with weight loss. That reminds me – gotta have my water. Good luck this week

  7. I’m so proud of you, Casey! “Just do it” is your new motto!

    Great job finding the things that you can work on for now, knowing that some things just aren’t within your control.

    Great job on the weight loss this week!!

  8. Oh those are such great goals! I also struggle with my fruit/veggie and water intake in the winter, so I may have to co-opt those goals you set! Also, just wanted to say, be gentle with yourself, your little one is still only 4 months old. In my experience, after the initial birth-loss, I didn’t loose anything until Ella was 9-10 months old…and after that burst, I’m again at a plateau. Our bodies are beautiful, amazing and sometimes frustrating things – good luck with your continued journey!! (now off to drink some water…)

  9. Hugs – pushing through injuries is tough. Great idea doing pilates instead!

    Have a great week!

  10. You have a plan and now you can get right to it! Congrats on your weight loss!

  11. Great job with the consistency. The fresh produce thing can be hard especially when trying to do local. I have been cheating the last two years in Colorado… first with pregnancy and now with an infant who is exploring veggies. I am buying so much out of season right now.

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