Mamavation Monday: Week 3

I promise I will post something other than only a Monday post soon!

So, we’ve been sick.  We’ve been sick since before Halloween.  According to my mental calculations, that is somewhere around 10-11 weeks.  Jonas is 13 weeks, and I know that he got sick somewhere around Halloween- the first time.  Ugh.  Since then we’ve been coughing, sneezing, and passing whatever it is that we have from one person to another.  Just when somebody seems to be getting better, someone else comes down with it.  Then, when I think I’m finally safe from another round of the yucks, I wake up with a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, or some other form of it.  Yuck.

Finally, after all five of us endured multiple rounds of the yuck for over two months, I mentioned it out of frustration to my doctor at a routine checkup.  She said if we were not well in a week to call her back.  I did, and she prescribed antibiotics.  Again, yuck.  I went back and forth about taking them (and giving them to the boys), but in the end we did it.  Jason and I and the two older boys all took a round of antibiotics.  As the week progressed, I had two distinct feelings about taking the meds.  First, I was hesitant and reluctant to take them.  We’ve all heard about the overuse of antibiotics and doctors who are prescribing them for colds.  Everyone knows that is bad and can lead to serious problems down the road.  Now, here I am with four of the five of us on antibiotics.  Then, I felt relieved.  They worked.  Apparently what we had needed antibiotics in order to go away.  Within two days I felt much better.  The boys were noticeably better.  It was what we needed.  We can now consider leaving the house again!  Ten weeks inside a house with two preschoolers and an infant is a L.O.N.G. time.

I know I made the right decision in getting the medicine for us, but I still feel guilty about it for some reason.  I guess there’s no way to win this one.

Now, onto my weekly check in-  I did fairly well last week with eating well.  I meal plan on a regular basis, and we have lots of fruits and veggies in the house.  However, I am nursing (as I will probably mention every week in one way or another) 🙂 and that makes my weight loss much less predictable.  My first week I lost 3 pounds, and last week I lost nothing.  That is weird if you ask me.  Not frustrating yet, just weird.  🙂  I understand it happens, and to the degree that I can, I also understand why my body hangs on to some of the weight.

This week, we bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii, and I’m hoping to dance away some of my calories in the upcoming weeks.  In addition, now that we are well, I’m going to be joining a gym!  Yay!  I’m hoping for two days a week at the gym with the boys in their childcare area and one weekend day.  The other days, I’m hoping to dance or use our treadmill at home.

Previous weight loss:  3 lbs

This week’s weight loss:  0 lbs

Total loss:  3 lbs

This week’s sponsor question from Salonpas is:  Have you ever been injured starting a new exercise routine? Tell us about it…If not, do you get any aches and pains? Where?

I am not sure I’d call it an injury, but when I started the Couch to 5K running program a couple years ago, I had some definite aches and pains for the first couple weeks.  My knees were achy, and my shins were a little sore for a while, too.  How about you?  🙂

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  1. hey, if you need medicine, you need medicine!

    Your goals look doable this week as well, which is important becuase taking on a goal too big can lead to burnout!

    Have a great week

  2. I am glad you are all getting better. Have a healthy year. Congrats on your loss this week and have fun capturing your goals.

  3. Glad you guys are feeling better! That is never fun. If you guys can’t shake a bug then antibiotics are the right choice. It is when you try to cure every sniffle, sneeze and cough with them that you will have problems.

    The Wii sounds great. I can’t wait to try that game. Have fun with it and I bet now that you are well your body will let you lose. Have a great week!

  4. You do what got to do. Good on this week

  5. I meant to say, Good Luck on this week.

  6. I have a couple of friends (unrelated to each other) here that both were sick forever and ended up needing abx to feel better as well. You have to do what is good for your family in the long run and being sick the entire winter with 3 small kids isn’t any good at all.

    As to injury, I did 30 Day Shred once and wrecked my knee. My left knee has always been touchy and I wasn’t doing one of the side lunges quite right because I didn’t have anyone there to watch me and tell me how to fix it.

    I am doing C25K now, which you know, and while I know I run “correctly” (AKA not landing on my heels) that same left knee isn’t too impressed. I am tempted to find a running shoe that takes a little more of the force from hitting the ground.

  7. I think you did what was right for your family when it comes down to antibiotic. Your doctor doesn’t sound like the type to just had over a medication (as seen by giving you another week). Hang in there, You have been sick and the body doesn’t like to give over the weight when our immune systems are down. Best wished for this week!

  8. I think it’s funny how we mommies are kind of being conditioned to be anti-antibiotics nowadays. But sometimes they are just necessary, so I’m really glad you’re feeling better!

  9. I’m so glad to hear that you are on the mend! Sometimes it REALLY does take antibiotics as much as I try to avoid them as well. Look forward to tweeting with you and getting to know you 🙂

  10. I am so with you re: antibiotics. But I’m glad y’all are better! Obviously the right decision.

    Your fitness plan sounds great, I know that you’ll definitely burn away some calories with the Wii game!

    I remember when you did the C25k program a few years ago – I was in awe that someone would WANT to run! LOL Hugs!

  11. Thanks for the reassurances, everyone. I guess I know I did the right thing, but after hearing for so long how antibiotics are overused, I wish I didn’t need them at all. I am thankful that once we got them the fix was so easy and quick.

    Shannon- I’ve done the 30 Day Shred, too, and it’s funny that didn’t bother my knees at all. The C25K which is supposed to be for couch people like myself was harder on my knees than a Jillian workout. Go figure. 🙂

    Heather- When I was doing the C25K before I usually didn’t want to run, but I was doing it because I wanted to have something in common with my husband. Maybe now that I’m excited and dying to get back to some good serious cardio, I’ll be more successful. Fingers crossed. Metaphorically, of course, since I don’t believe in luck. 🙂

  12. As you probably know, using antibiotics kills off the good bacteria with the bad, which is not good for our digestive systems. You can combat this a few ways. Easy: eat plain yogurt with live, active cultures. Add some real fruit or nuts or put it in a smoothie if you don’t like the taste of plain yogurt. Another idea is to take some probiotics for a few weeks. That’s a little more expensive than going the food-route, but it should safeguard you against the harmful effects of taking the antibiotics. Just something that may help with your peace of mind…I was heartbroken that I had to have penicillin during labor because I was group B strep positive. Maybe I could have refused it, but I don’t know enough about the risks, so I just went with what they required at my hospital. Then I took probiotics for over a month after I gave birth, and I’m sure it helped. I’m not concerned anymore.

  13. Kate- We are using probiotics, but still….ugh.

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