Mamavation Monday: Week 2

About two years ago, one of my Facebook friends started exercising and watching what she ate.  She was overweight at the time, and over time she lost over 100 pounds.  She is an amazing mother, wonderful wife, and beautiful person all around.  Now, she frequently shares thoughts and information on her Facebook page about how she was able to lose the weight and how she’s keeping it off.

I don’t have as much weight to lose as she did, but I definitely need to start focusing on taking control of my health.  So, when she was sharing some keys to her success, one of her statements caught my eye.  “It’s not about how I feel.  It’s about what I know to be true.”  This statement can be applied in so many circumstances in life, and one of those is taking care of myself (including weight loss although not limited to it).

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.  I thought I’d share that and see if it helps anyone else.

This week I lost 3 pounds.  But, I’d like to add a couple thoughts to that.  I lost 3 pounds.  That’s great, and it’s a nice way to start off the year.  But, I’m nursing.  I’m nursing a baby who is almost 3 months old and is almost 20 pounds.  This means he eats.  A lot.  I have a feeling that his nursing patterns have a lot more to do with my weight loss than my choices at this point.  To be honest, I don’t mind it.  Weight loss is weight loss at this point.  However, I do realize before getting too excited, that at some point I’m going to have to take more responsibility for my actions and choices.  He’s not always going to be eating so much and allowing my body to burn the extra calories in a day.  Until then, I will appreciate the loss very much, but I do need to appreciate it in its full context.

Total weight loss:  3 lbs

Mamavation question (sponsored by GameStop):  What are ways you can work out without having to leave the house?

We have dance parties, use the treadmill, use the Watch It Now feature on NetFlix, and use our Wii to play exercise games.


  1. I love the dance parties! It reminds me of my college days we would have dance parties in our house and would burn so many calories having fun! Great job!

  2. We run laps around the house playing “tag”. We crawl around like cats/dogs. There are always dance parties to be had and the treadmill downstairs. I also do yoga with both kids they have their own “yoga mats” and Ivy is more than happy to show visitors what “down dog” is.

  3. Baby need what baby needs. That comes first. Just take of yourself and do the best you can on moving

  4. Enjoy the loss! I barely lost any nursing my daughter. She still nurses once or twice a day, but the weight has firmly stayed this time around.

    The dance parties sounds like fun. I am also a huge fan of the Netflix options. I enjoy the variety available.

    Have a great week! Keep losing and Have a great New Year.

  5. Congrats on the loss this week! Love the dance parties!

  6. I remember how the weight melted off the 1st 3 months of nursing with LB. I took that for granted. (She also weighed almost 20 lbs at 3 months!) Good for you for knowing that nursing is part of the equation but also realizing that you need to be accountable for your choices.

    Yay for the 3 lbs gone! You’re off to a great start! Hugs!

  7. That is such a fantastic quote – it’s not about how I feel, but what I know to be true – really spoke to me this week. Thank you.

  8. Awesome awesome weight loss!! Keep it up!

  9. Great quote!!! Congrats on the loss! I hope to be able to report a loss next week too!

  10. Great post hun! Glad you aren’t being too hard on yourself about weight loss… Even if you think your loss was from breastfeeding… well mark it as a win last week and move forward with a positive attitude!

    I cant wait to hear how this week turns out for ya!@

    Good luck and stay positive!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement. Heather, I took the loss for granted with my other boys, but this time I was ready to start getting serious about healthy living instead of eating whatever I wanted and watching my weight dip only to climb back up. Andrea, I had lost quite a bit of weight pretty quickly after having my first two, and I was praying that I would be able to do the same thing this time. I was hoping that I wouldn’t be one of those women who had to struggle to get it off. So far, it appears to be going well. I want to work with it instead of taking it for granted.

  12. Breastfeeding is hard work, so give yourself a pat on the back! I did extended breastfeeding and didn’t have a problem at all with the weight loss from it! Enjoy it! It’s 3 pounds gone. WOOHOO!!

    I like that quote from your friend. Need to thnk more about it.


  13. Thanks, Greta. I also did extended breastfeeding with the first two boys, but after a while I took it for granted and the weight started to sneak back on. I’m trying to be mindful of that and avoid it happening this time.

  14. It is really hard to gauge weight loss when you are a nursing mom. You know you are gonna lose especially with a 20 pound 3 month old, it is a matter of what habits you control right now that will make your efforts part of a lifestyle once your babe weans or begins to explore food. Good luck and glad you are posting here.

  15. Right now, while I really want to be losing weight (and I am glad my body seems to be doing so), my main goal is really to set myself up with good habits and choices. Then, when he’s nursing less and my body seems to be a bit more “normal,” if it ever is, hopefully I’ll already be on the path to my goals vs. trying to make the changes then.

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