Mamavation Monday: Week 11

Jason and I decided to give up added sugar for Lent.  We are still eating things that have sugar that naturally occurs in them (like fruit).  We are not eating things with sugar added to them (like most peanut butters).  I made this decision sort of on a whim.  I thought about it briefly, dismissed the idea, and then changed my mind abruptly to commit to doing it.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to get sugar out of my diet for a month.  It was hard but great.  I had more energy.  Food tasted better.  I felt great.  I was really healthy and didn’t get many of the early winter colds either.  It was great.  Did I say it was great?  🙂  This time I’m also doing it with someone.  That makes it a lot easier this time around.  I’ve been tempted to give in to a few sweets, but so far things are going well.

I decided last week not to weigh myself for the rest of March.  Jonas is still young, and my body isn’t responding (weight wise) to diet changes and exercise in a way that encouraged me to keep making good choices.  So, I decided to quite thinking about the scale for a while.

Best wishes to all of you on your journeys!


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with the scale. I’m really trying to not weigh myself every day because I know it will drive me crazy.

    Best of luck to you this week!

  2. Sugar is a big deal. But you;re doing the right thing. Hope you have a great week

  3. Good luck on your goals! I can’t wait to hear how it’s going.

  4. My scale is currently broke, I think it could’ve been from the kids jumping on it. I don’t know why they think it is some toy that’ll change if they hop on it. As for cutting sugar out good luck. It has been hard for me to cut out the soda and fraps but I did it. I haven’t had either since Jan 1st. But since I started changing my lifestyle and laying of salts, etc I’ve noticed you don’t need much to make food taste good. Hopefully we’ll get a new scale and I’ll see if what I’m doing is working. Good luck to you and your family. It’s always great to get everyone involved.

  5. Ana Caban did a sugar free challenge for 30 days and fit into some old jeans. I think she has some tips and tricks on her site

    I have found that I don’t like that much as far as sweets after doing the challenge myself. I will admit to my occasional love of a reese egg, but other than that, everything is WAY too sweet!

    Best wishes on giving up the sugar and have a great week 🙂

  6. Great Goal! I big one, but doable.

    Mmm… real ground peanut butter is great without the sugar IMHO. I did the Cinch jumpstart which suggests putting cinnamon or spices in coffee or on fruit instead of sugar. After a few days I didn’t miss the added sweetness.

    Have a great week and I look forward to hearing your tips and tricks for cutting out the added sugar.

  7. Kicking sugar is always a tough one… especially since HFCS is in EVERYTHING, but it is so worth it! I too am a HUGE fan of freshly ground butters… peanut & Almond & Cashew… my grocery store has a machine where you can grind your own, but if not, you can google and find ways to do it at home 🙂

    Good luck with your journey 🙂

  8. Great goals ~ both of them. Giving up sugar is an adjustment in both lifestyle and taste, so having a partner definitely helps. And that scale? Girl…

  9. I love your decision to give up sugar for Lent. I generally only have something with added sugar once a week or less, and I really do think that is why I’ve only had one cold all winter. LB has only had one cold too. We’ve all stayed healthy this year!

    Hugs! I think you’re doing a great job on all the healthy changes!

  10. I hear ya about the scale. I tend to get discouraged when I seem to gain after working out more so I often like to bag the scale. today was one of those anti scale days for me 🙁 Even after burning between 600-700 calories today.. so frustrating. good luck on the no sugar this week.

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