I Ate Alone

Last night, I ate supper alone.  Today, I ate lunch alone.  At lunch, I took out my book, and I read a few pages as I was eating.  It was really nice.  It was relaxing, and I loved not talking to anyone while I ate.

Last night, before I left the house, Kael said something to me about supper and wondering who I was going to eat with.  I said, “I’m going to eat by myself.”  He just looked at me.  I think to him that sounded awful and maybe even like a punishment.  I said something incredibly intelligent like, “It’s okay.  I’ll like it.” or “I want to be by myself.”  I’m not sure he was convinced.

Today when I went to lunch (thanks, Grandma!), he didn’t ask where I was eating or who I was eating with.  I was a little afraid if I told him that I was going to eat alone (again) that he was going to insist on coming with me.  🙂

Perspective is a funny thing.

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