“Hi, Mom!” “Bye, Mom!”

That picture is fingers waving to me from under our bathroom door.

I remember when I was younger, I used to do the same thing to my mom.  I used to wonder what she could possibly be doing in the bathroom without me!  Didn’t she miss me?  Didn’t she wish I could be in there with her, too?  What was the point of privacy anyway?

These memories came flooding back to me the other night.  I was in the shower, and the two older boys were getting ready for bed.  First, Asa came in to get his toothbrush.  Then, he left.  A couple minutes later, he came back in to rinse it and put it away.  Then, he left.  Then, Kael came in to get his toothbrush, and I have no idea what happened next, but he came in and left five times.  Each time, he said, “Hi, Mom!”  “Bye, Mom!”  He was so happy to be greeting me both on his way in and out.  Just wanting to let me know he was there in case I didn’t know.

So sorry, Mom.  Very very sorry.


  1. How funny! I remember doing that, too. I could completely ignore my mom as long as she was accessible, but the moment she went into the bathroom (or any other place where she probably wanted a little privacy) then I wanted to cling to her. Now my daughter (who’s only one) is starting to do the same thing. Kids are funny.

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