Happy Birthday!

I cannot believe Kael is 6 years old.  Somehow six seems so old.  It seems unreal.  I can’t have a six year old.  I’m not adult enough for that!  This can’t possibly be true.  Also, I remember the progression of events from my doctor’s appointment on November 2, 2005 through the start of labor until he was born pretty clearly.  It can’t really be six years since all that happened, can it?  I suppose it can and it has been.

In love and gratitude to Kael, I will leave you with his birth story, a quote from him a couple years ago, and then and now pictures.


His birth story:  http://www.beautifulletdown.net/two-years-ago/  (Contains details.  Don’t read it if you don’t want them.)

A quote:
Me:  “Kael, what do you think we should get Dad for his birthday?”
Kael:  “Paste.”


And now:

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