Goodbye, Sugar

A couple years ago, I decided to eliminate added sugar from my diet from the weekend after Kael’s birthday until Thanksgiving.  It was wonderful.  It was hard, but it was good.  It came to a point where instead of feeling deprived, I chose each time to avoid the sugar I felt stronger.  I felt like I was making a choice at that moment that I would appreciate far into the future.  I made smarter choices about the food I ate.  I had more energy.  I just felt better.

So, I’ve decided to do it again.  With Halloween and Kael’s birthday being in close succession, I find that our house becomes like the witch’s house in Hansel and Gretel.  There is sugar everywhere.  Sometimes, I think if I took a drink of the water in the shower, it might actually be Sprite!  🙂  I’m kidding but only partially.  We have a lot of sugar and treats around here.  It’s time to take a break.  For me, the best way to do that is to go all out.

In case anyone is wondering, I plan to avoid added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and as many natural sweeteners as possible for the first week.  After this week, I think I’ll probably add in a little honey or maple syrup to my diet.  Since I’ll be blogging every day this month, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time to talk about how it’s going.


  1. Oh girl, I need to do this. October was rough with moving, traveling, birthdays, then Halloween. And my headaches are back, which is always a sign that I’m eating too much sugar. I think I really, really need to do this.

  2. Join me! There’s room for everyone. It’s also not a punitive place to be. If you make a choice to eat some sugar, I’ll absolutely welcome you back after.

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