Going on a Date

Today, Jason and I are going on a date.  We are very fortunate that my parents are able to visit us often, and when they do, they watch the boys for us.  So, instead of taking the plunge and finding a regular babysitter, we wait until my parents come for a visit.

There is a Thai restaurant in town that also serves sushi (and is pretty good from what I hear).  It opened several months ago, and since it opened I’ve heard only good reviews.  I actually drive past it at least twice a week when I take Asa to preschool.  Every time I do, I think to myself, I should go there sometime.  It’s a local restaurant and not a part of a chain.  It seems to have really good reviews.  Jason and I ate at a restaurant in Fargo that is owned by the same person, and we enjoyed it.

We finally decided that this weekend was going to be our first visit to the Thai restaurant.  So, now I’m just counting down the hours.  I’ve looked at the website and menu several times this week.  I have to admit I’m not quite sure what I should try.  Since I haven’t had anything on the menu, the choices are wide open.  There’s tempura, gyoza, vegetable rolls, pad thai, pineapple fried rice…  I cannot wait!


What would you order if you were eating here?

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