Getting Used to New Foods

In my house, we have several different styles of eaters.  Jason eats pretty much anything, and he likes almost all of it.  I’m a somewhat picky eater, but I usually try to stay away from the things that I don’t like while still making sure that my family eats a variety of healthy foods.  Jonas eats a huge variety of foods.  He doesn’t like a few foods (like many types of pasta), but he eats so many foods that both Jason and I enjoy.  Kael and Asa tend to be cautious eaters.  They often assume that they don’t like something.  Many times I hear, “I don’t like that.  What is it?”  That used to drive me nuts, and it still does from time to time.  However, at some point in September, I had a revelation.

“They” often say that it can take a person 15+ exposures to a food before that person decides whether or not he or she likes the food.  I don’t meal plan in a way that would demonstrate that.  I choose new foods all the time.  I like the flavors in Mexican food, Indian food, Italian, American…

I’m sure that’s fine as long as it’s working for everyone.  Unfortunately, it was not working for us.  Jason and I were doing alright.  Kael and Asa were not.  They were eating fruits, vegetables, breads, and some other side dishes.  They were not touching many most of the main dishes I made.

I decided that instead of trying new foods all the time with a rare staple thrown in I would make one meal plan for a month.  Every Monday we would have the same meal.  Every Tuesday would be the same, etc. etc.  for a month.  In addition, I decided to make foods that were more familiar and like things they were already interested in eating.

For the last month, this has been our supper meal plan:

Monday:  Kael’s choice
Tuesday:  Chili, bakery break, spaghetti squash
Wednesday:  Asa’s choice
Thursday:  Tacos mixed with black beans and rice, whole grain rice with tomatoes and black beans
Friday:  Chili Mac, roasted and fresh cauliflower, carrot and raisin salad
Saturday:  Slow cooker taco soup, salad, rice
Sunday:  Pot roast, roasted green beans, bread

I’m sure it’s not a miracle cure, and there are definitely days when supper is a flop.  I’m hoping that those days occur less and less often.  Hopefully we will work our way back into my more traditional meal plan where we’re not on a repeating weekly schedule.  Until then, though, I’m happy to see both Kael and Asa trying more foods at supper.

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