Counting the Days

We have a few things coming up that the boys are looking forward to.  We have a family trip, Thanksgiving, visits from grandparents, and Christmas among other things.  Every day, Asa asks me, “How many days untilx, y, or z?”  As time passes, and as I answer his questions every day, I realize how fast time is passing.

It seems like we were just at the park playing in the 80 degree sunshine.  All summer, I spent time looking forward to two cousins’ weddings.  Those things came, were great, and passed.  Now, it’s nearly Thanksgiving and nearly Christmas.  Heck, it’s nearly 2012!

On a flight I took this fall, I talked with a woman who was sitting next to me.  She told me that in her family, her relatives often live into their 90’s.  She told me she had always assumed that at some point when people got older, their days slowed down and their time moved slower and slower.  She was surprised to find out from her 80 and 90 year old relatives that they felt it was just the opposite.  Their lives moved faster and faster, and suddenly they were 90.

Luckily, I won’t wake up and be 90 soon, but somehow it seems like someone has pushed the fast forward button on my life.  So, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!  The rest of this year may fly by, so I don’t want to miss my opportunity to say all those things.  🙂

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