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My Wish List

Yesterday, I posted about wanting to model thankfulness and gratitude for my children.  Then, I felt guilty about that post, because today I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how much I want a couple things for myself.  A different van would be so nice, one with the LATCH system and seat back tethers.  Also, a nice, new camera would be so wonderful.  Our camera is a little too slow to catch three fast moving boys.  Many of my pictures are happy blurs instead of memories.

During this time of year when I want to think about being thankful and grateful for what I have, I find myself doing the same thing as my kids.  I, too, am making my “I want” list.  So, I suppose my first step in teaching my children about thanksgiving is to model it myself.

Modeling Gratitude

We had a conversation tonight at supper that has left me wondering how I can do a better job modeling gratitude and thankfulness to my children.  I know that they are 6, 4, and 1.  They are pretty young, and it’s normal for them to think a lot about themselves and a little about others.  I just want to make sure that as they grow, I’m able to help them make the transition from being self-focused to including others in their focus, too.

I’m not quite sure how to do that or where to start though.

Getting Used to New Foods

In my house, we have several different styles of eaters.  Jason eats pretty much anything, and he likes almost all of it.  I’m a somewhat picky eater, but I usually try to stay away from the things that I don’t like while still making sure that my family eats a variety of healthy foods.  Jonas eats a huge variety of foods.  He doesn’t like a few foods (like many types of pasta), but he eats so many foods that both Jason and I enjoy.  Kael and Asa tend to be cautious eaters.  They often assume that they don’t like something.  Many times I hear, “I don’t like that.  What is it?”  That used to drive me nuts, and it still does from time to time.  However, at some point in September, I had a revelation.

“They” often say that it can take a person 15+ exposures to a food before that person decides whether or not he or she likes the food.  I don’t meal plan in a way that would demonstrate that.  I choose new foods all the time.  I like the flavors in Mexican food, Indian food, Italian, American…

I’m sure that’s fine as long as it’s working for everyone.  Unfortunately, it was not working for us.  Jason and I were doing alright.  Kael and Asa were not.  They were eating fruits, vegetables, breads, and some other side dishes.  They were not touching many most of the main dishes I made.

I decided that instead of trying new foods all the time with a rare staple thrown in I would make one meal plan for a month.  Every Monday we would have the same meal.  Every Tuesday would be the same, etc. etc.  for a month.  In addition, I decided to make foods that were more familiar and like things they were already interested in eating.

For the last month, this has been our supper meal plan:

Monday:  Kael’s choice
Tuesday:  Chili, bakery break, spaghetti squash
Wednesday:  Asa’s choice
Thursday:  Tacos mixed with black beans and rice, whole grain rice with tomatoes and black beans
Friday:  Chili Mac, roasted and fresh cauliflower, carrot and raisin salad
Saturday:  Slow cooker taco soup, salad, rice
Sunday:  Pot roast, roasted green beans, bread

I’m sure it’s not a miracle cure, and there are definitely days when supper is a flop.  I’m hoping that those days occur less and less often.  Hopefully we will work our way back into my more traditional meal plan where we’re not on a repeating weekly schedule.  Until then, though, I’m happy to see both Kael and Asa trying more foods at supper.

Amazon’s Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

In the later part of last week, I received an email from Amazon that they had unveiled their new Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  They were excited to announce that Amazon customers who were Prime members and Kindle owners would have access to their new lending library.

I’ll be honest and say that the conditions of the lending library (one book at a time, and only one book per month per person) left me a little underwhelmed.  However, I looked through the books, and there were a few I was interested in reading off the bat.  I maneuvered my way through the menus and attempted to access the book I wanted.

Jason and I have been Amazon Prime members for many years.  Having Amazon Prime allows us to receive free two day shipping on most of the purchases we make from Amazon’s site.  It also means that many times it’s easier to pop onto Amazon and make a few clicks to make a purchase than it is to get into the car with one, two, or three kids and run across town to buy something.  We make very good use of our Prime membership.

So, when I attempted to access the lending library with my Kindle, I was disappointed to find out that Amazon is only allowing the primary account holder to receive this benefit of Kindle ownership and Prime membership.  I contacted Amazon’s customer service, and I was told that I would be able to access the lending library if I chose to associate my Kindle with Jason’s Amazon account.  I suppose I could do that, but that means I would likely lose most of the 100+ books I currently have on my Kindle that are associated with my account.

Sure, Amazon could be concerned that people might try to take advantage of this and add friends or other family members to their account to receive the benefits.  In my opinion, this would be easily solved by saying either that Prime membership must be limited to either a particular number of accounts/email addresses or to verify that account members share the same physical address.

Jason and I are long time customers.  We aren’t trying to take advantage of the benefits of any of these memberships.  I would like as the non-primary account holder to receive the same benefits as Jason does.  Right now, between the limits on the book lending and the limits on the members, I’m really frustrated with Amazon.  It seems more like a publicity stunt than an attempt to give loyal customers additional reasons to remain customers.

*I’m sure this is not necessary, but I’ll add it anyway.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been solicited by Amazon.

Round Three

Or maybe four or five.  I’ve lost count.

I’m counting rounds of illness in our house.  Kael came home from school on September 15th with a cough and a fever.  Since then, everyone except Jason has been sick for most of that time.  We’ve had stretches of 2-3 days here and there where everyone seems mostly better.  It’s starting to make me a little bit crazy.

We have thrown away all the toothbrushes and toothpastes in our house and started new.  Everyone has their own cup in which they store their toothbrush with the toothpaste next to it.  I also washed all the blankets in our family room.  One night Jason sprayed down our toys with Lysol (yuck!).  I think we’ve done a few other things, too.

Everyone in our family takes vitamin d.  I bought some echinacea the other day.  It’s in a dropper though, and it tastes TERRIBLE so I’m not sure I’ll be very successful in convincing anyone to take it.

This week, I felt like I was fighting off a cold, and I thought I had succeeded until this morning.  I woke up with a sinus headache, a runny nose, and was sneezing.

Sigh.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Any suggestions on other ways to germ proof our house?  I know it’s pretty hard to stop a bug once it’s in the house, but this is getting ridiculous.