Things I Love – #1

Tattoos.  I LOVE tatoos.

I have no tattoos, but I love seeing others’ tattoos.  I love imagining what tattoo I might get one day if I got one.  I actually spend quite a lot of time doing just that.

I know that there are many different opinions out there on tattoos.  Some people think that tattoos are tacky, a bad decision, or a regret waiting to happen.

Some people have a small tattoo that is rarely if ever seen.*

365.40 not sharpie by rachellake via flickr

Some people have a few tattoos that are visible when they want to show them off and also easily hidden if they want or need to cover them up.*

Others have many tattoos on their bodies and show them with pride.*

This post to this point has taken me a couple hours to write.  Looking back, I haven’t even done much writing, but I ended up spending the majority of that time looking at the different pictures of tattoos on Flickr.  I guess that you might say I was sucked in.

The other night, I was telling Jason how much I like tattoos and how it seems like a contradiction to my personality and style.  I think part of the reason I have held off on getting a tattoo to this point is that I don’t want it to look funny or like a mistake on me.  I also haven’t been able to think of something that I like enough to put on my body for the rest of my life.  I also want to wait until I’m done having kids.  I would suppose a tattoo might not look the same after it experiences a pregnancy.

In the course of that conversation, Jason mentioned that a friend of his from college had a big pet peeve about people who got tattoos that seemed to be trendy at the time.  This friend of Jason’s didn’t like when people got tattoos like Chinese symbols.  He seemed to think that they hadn’t put enough thought into it or something.  At first, I didn’t think much of it, and then I got a little mad.  Wait a minute!

Tattoos are a means of personal expression.  I am in no place to evaluate the thought process or logic behind someone else’s decision, nor do I want to!  I know there are people who get tattoos in the heat of the moment and have them removed later.  I know there are others who get tattoos when they are in one stage of life and find that when they are in another stage the tattoo no longer represents the same thing to them.  I also know that a tattoo is a personal decision.  I knew a woman in college who had a pretty large tattoo of Yoda on her back.  While Yoda wouldn’t have made my Top 10 List, he was also not on my body, so he didn’t have to.

People choose many different ways to express themselves from piercings, tattoos, hair dye, and clothing to writing, dancing, speaking, and blogging.  It’s not up to me (or anyone else) to approve of or validate these decisions.  Personal expression is just that, personal.    Instead of using my time to judge someone else’s choice, I will use my time to admire, learn from, and be inspired by those choices.

Do you have a tattoo?  Is there a story behind it?  Do you have a picture of it you would be willing to share?  I’d love to hear the stories and see the pictures!


*I don’t know if the people in these pictures hold the same opinions on tattoos and why people tattoo as I do. In fact, I assume that they probably don’t hold the exact same opinion.  I used the pictures because they illustrate different opinions that I’ve heard expressed on tattoos over the years not to say that the subjects of the pictures agree with or hold my opinion.


  1. I love tattoos ever but I have a serious issue with how permanent they are for myself. I guess you could say I have commitment issues 😉

    I do however dye my hair crazy colors from time to time, though it has been awhile since I have done so. I am deciding right now if I want to keep my hair long or cut if off and once I make that choice I plan to get some purple highlights.

  2. I, personally, don’t have an issue with tattoos and like Shannon (above) my fear is the permanency. And the pain. I don’t like needles. That being said, I DO want one. I have one in mind with flowers and putting both kids’ names in it. The other is 13.1 for when I finish my first 1/2 marathon. I’m doing Disney in January so I’m thinking MM ears with 13.1 in them.

  3. Audrey- I think about something with my kids’ names or birthdates or something in it. I also think that with all you’ve gone through to run this marathon, if I were you, I would get that 13.1 tattooed on my forehead!! 🙂 Kind of kidding. \

    I agree with you both, Shannon and Audrey, that the permanency is an issue. That’s what’s held me back so far. I just don’t know what I’d like enough to put on my body for the Rest. Of. My. Life.

  4. I don’t have any tattoos and have absolutely no desire to get even one…but I’m still fascinated by them! Some of them are really beautiful and interesting. And some just make me wonder if they’re still going to be happy they made that permanent mark on their body in a few years.

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