CSA Weeks #2 & #3

In a previous post, I wrote about our reasons for joining a CSA and how we were doing after the first week. Since then, we’ve received weeks two and three, and tomorrow we will pick up week four’s box.

Well, it turns out we did the best with our first box. Our second box was almost all greens (and LOTS of them). We ate the spinach and the romaine-like lettuces. We didn’t even make a dent in the bag of leaf lettuce we received. However, I’m pretty sure the raspberries we got were eaten as quickly as any that we’ve ever bought at the store. They were also enjoyed immensely. The radishes were not though. No one in our family eats radishes so we gave them to Jason’s parents so someone would enjoy them.

Our third box was a little surprising. I expected that it would just get fuller and fuller and more and more varied. When I went to pick the box up last week, I had made arrangements with a friend to leave some if not most of the produce with her because we would be leaving town for a few days. I opened the box, and I was surprised to see a bag of lettuce, summer savory, beets, and raspberries. As I write it, it sounds like plenty, but it didn’t even fill the box. We ate the raspberries right off the bat again (as I’m sure we’ll do tomorrow when we get our next box), and we left the rest in the fridge while we were gone. Jason had a salad last night, and I’m planning to roast the beets for supper one night. I’m not quite sure what to do with the summer savory though. I’m also not sure if we’ll eat the lettuce. I thought I liked salads, but at this point I am struggling a little to find enough variety in them to keep me interested without making a significant amount more work.

The more I think about the CSA, the more I realize that the problem (if there is one) isn’t really that we are getting too many greens. The issue is more that I am not doing as much meal planning, prep, and cooking as I have in the past. During this pregnancy, I have had morning sickness since I was 3 weeks pregnant, and in addition to the morning sickness, nothing has tasted very good to me. If you add that to cooking in an apartment that doesn’t cool down very well, it equals more convenience food. Unfortunately, salads aren’t usually the type of convenience food I’m talking about. Usually when it comes to supper time, I haven’t cleaned or cut the veggies. I am tired, and I can’t think of anything except the standard salad of lettuce, veggie, some cheese maybe, and dressing. It’s good, but it also has its limits. I’m pretty sure I should probably make some sort of goal about this. Maybe I should aim to clean the veggies within a couple days of getting the box or doing my meal planning on Wednesday. Right now, I’m not quite sure I can think straight enough to make those sorts of goals, so as of now, my goal is to have goals for next week.


  1. This has been our first year for a CSA as well, and it is the only one in the area. I’ve been mostly pleased. Our season started late because of a wet winter, so we didn’t get any of the spring greens that I was hoping for.

    One of my goals with the CSA has been to try foods that I wouldn’t normally choose. One week we got raw peanuts. Now, I like peanuts, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I roasted some (thanks to the Internet’s instructions!) and boiled some. Boiled peanuts are the South Carolina state snack. I wasn’t a fan of boiled peanuts until I made them myself. And this past week we got okra. Most of that is in the freezer now, waiting to make gumbo at a later date.

    There is definitely a learning curve! But I’m enjoying the adventure!

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