Sharing Controversial Opinions

Lately I’ve been try­ing to fig­ure out why I’m writ­ing this blog.  What do I want to share?  What do I want out of it?  I cer­tainly don’t write for money or sta­tus.  I haven’t shared this blog with many of my friends or fam­ily.  I tend to write mostly per­sonal posts about expe­ri­ences I’ve had or things I enjoy.

I rarely (if ever) post con­tro­ver­sial opin­ions.  I do have them though.  🙂  I also don’t post often shar­ing strong feel­ings.  I was talk­ing about this with my hus­band a while ago, and I told him I’m not sure I’m ready to have the inter­net judg­ing my beliefs and opin­ions.  Sure, my blog is a tiny drop in the “series of tubes” that make up the inter­net.  On the other hand, all it takes is one google search to land here.  I’m not sure that I want to put strong opin­ions out there and end up feel­ing like I need to defend what I share on my blog with peo­ple I don’t know and prob­a­bly will never know.

Annie at PhD in Par­ent­ing wrote a post a cou­ple weeks ago that caused me to ques­tion my deci­sion to keep my thoughts on the more con­tro­ver­sial (for lack of a bet­ter word) top­ics in my head as opposed to shar­ing them here or really any­where else either.  On the one hand, I don’t gen­er­ally have a writ­ing style that lends itself to advo­cacy of one issue or another.  On the other hand, if I keep my opin­ions to myself, it tends to allow those who speak the loud­est to seem like they are the majority.

When I was writ­ing my breast­feed­ing blog, I rarely said any­thing that was con­tro­ver­sial or a hot topic.  I knew friends and fam­ily read my blog, and I was afraid of what they might think about some­thing I said on the blog.  When I was telling this to Jason, I real­ized two things.  First, I real­ized that if I can’t share my opin­ions I obvi­ously don’t believe in them very strongly.  Sec­ond, I real­ized that if I can’t share my opin­ions this isn’t really *my* blog.

So, I’m tak­ing a leap.  It may not hap­pen very often, but I’m going to try to open up and be more authen­tic about what I post here.  I’m going to try to share things that really are impor­tant to me and things I know not every one agrees with.  Wish me luck!

My 3 Boys

My 3 Boys






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